November 17, 2016

Can Morphic Fields Be Applied to Human Archetypes? (A Ramble)

Maybe the human morphic fields that Rupert Sheldrake writes about are the archetype of our unified humanity.  There is a basic form unit with unlimited differentiations across worlds, stars systems, galaxies, galactic clusters,

and maybe across other dimensional universes.

In the fractal way of looking at things, there can be an unlimited amount of information (aka deviations) within a finite boundary.  This is a basic idea I found studying fractals.  It is also the most profound to me.

Within this "bounded" basic human morphic archetype, there can be an infinite myriad of related forms and beings.

I'm going to publish this now and come back to edit it, or maybe forget about this rant.  Time will tell!

November 3, 2016

Check Out My Latest Project, or Else, and Stuff!

I thought I would finally update my main Blogger blog.  It's been at least a year, which is pretty scumbaggy of me.  So to start off this latest update of this site, I am going to advertise my latest web site project, of course.

Now that I write this, I see that I can't give away my market.  It's not like anyone is going to read this, but just in case I have to just babble on with this drunken nonsense of typing.

Anyway, I'm going to revisit Blogger now, and make the look of this site less shitty.  I've been testing out a lot of different niches, keywords, and domains.  I've learned a lot lately (about the things that fail, mainly).

I guess I am going back to basics.  The basics in SEO and Internet Marketing demand testing out many different paths.  Consider this a test, or something.

Most importantly, have a good day or night.

Jared Broker
Nov. 3, 2016

April 10, 2014

Incredible Mark Passio Interview Obliterates the New Age Movement!

I just stumbled onto this interview with Mark Passio.  He is an incredible speaker working to change the world and the minds of all us slaves.  Check it out if you are into the "New Cage" movement.  It is time to take personal responsibility:

True spirituality is taking responsibility for ourselves, our actions, our communities and the condition of our species.