September 30, 2012

My First Look Behind the Scenes of the new Achieving World Peace Now Site

I got access to the awesome new project called Achieving World Peace Now!  I am offering my technical blogging skills because I feel this project is a big drive towards the finish line of the coming Golden Age.

This may sounds corny, dorky, or weird to you, but I assure you I have done my homework about topics like ancient cultures, fractals, energy, consciousness, and spirituality.  I don't make wild claims left and right.

I feel everything is changing and that big, wonderful changes are coming.  I have always had a desire to learn truths and the deeper you dig, the stranger the truths become, but I felt compelled to follow logic and evidence.

This is what the rabbit hole is to me!

The response to this project is amazing.  I only did a little bit of social shares, building links, and emails and the response is crazy.

Looking at the stats shows almost 1000 visits on the first day.  The Facebook Group (here) is exploding and I will need to find some admin or moderators for that first thing.

That is really damn good for a brand new project on the first two days.  Here is a cool screenshot of the backend of the site:

If you consider for a minute that visitors represent a little light of attention.  With a thousand visitors shining the lights of their attention at once, then energetically that is like a star igniting out of nothing (not to be too dramatic).

I think this is what Terence McKenna meant when he said, "don't watch tv, don't even read the magazine.  Create your OWN culture." or something like that.

A culture of peace is one that I am glad to be participating in with whatever talents I have in the here and now.

Please open your minds outside of your tunnel vision.  Please have an open mind, which is the same as an expanded consciousness. "see what I mean?"

The new ways forward are with open heart, soul, and mind.  Tomorrow seems like it is going to be busy.  Good night all!
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