September 6, 2012

Best RSS Feed Submission Sites: Free and Simple

Since I am submitting my RSS feed on a steady basis to different directories, I thought I would start a link back page just for that purpose.

Some of these RSS sites either require a link back, or will give you priority for a link.  I am just going to keep this feed post going and add to it as I find sites.

Since I am listing them on this page, you can assume that these are good, easy places to submit as of September 2012.  I never pay either, so you know that they are free as well.

And now the list of blog and RSS submission sites...

  1. 5z5, Society, Future: Free feed submissions.  Doesn't require link back.
  2. Globe of Blogs: Free RSS submission.  No link back required.
  3. BoingBoing: Submit the main URL of your blog.
  4. Blogz: Submit your main URL, a correct email is required for verification.
  5. Oobdoo: Submit your RSS and main URL.
  6. Blogarama: Make a free account and submit your main URL.

Submitting your RSS feed has questionable results, but I like to keep a steady stream of promotions for my blogs going.  It keeps up a nice flow of back links and that is always good for increasing traffic and search engine rankings for certain keywords.

It is a good idea to mix up promotions between submitting to directories, commenting in blogs and forums, social media sharing, guest posting, and a hundred other ways.  When you spread out your links, feeds and promotions, you are able to analyze what works for your blog or site and what doesn't.
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