September 17, 2012

New Disclosure Vid: I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You?

InLight Radio has released an awesome video about our Galactic family, disclosure, and new ways of thinking about UFOs, free energy, and Earth's history.  Please share it with your friends and family.  We have to face this stuff.

That shows some of the best UFO videos I have seen.  It was really well done and my hat is off to them!

And now a related rant about consciousness technology and our own:

I believe we are all in a continuous state of evolving our consciousness.  It is a natural progression as we gain experiences and resolve problems or conflicts.  It makes sense to me that if beings are here observing us, they would have a higher state of consciousness.

When you couple the fact of higher consciousnesses with the strides we are making today in our own study of mind, energy and consciousness, the limits on technology are dissolving rapidly.

Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project always talks about technology which interfaces with consciousness.  He brings them up when he talks about the black projects that have reverse engineered alien technology for decades.  There has been experimentation with this type of stuff.

Take for instance this experiment where researchers were able to bring out crude images people are thinking about.

They mapped the mind as the volunteer watches various movies.  Based on that information they are beginning to be able to read the images that people are thinking about.  This is one more in a long list of experiments where scientists are accessing mind.

The idea of mind controlled devices are literally a reality right now.  Prosthetic arms are able to interface with thoughts now.  It is not far off where we will be able to control large complicated machines easily with our minds.

If you want to extrapolate to the small, we will be able to control a cloud of nanotechnology with our minds, too.  Isn't that close to being able to control matter itself?

If this kind of technology had progressed on other planets where they are able to travel between stars, then all of their technology would probably progress this far as well.  That makes sense to me.

New Paradigms are Blossoming in Science and Technology

We are also beginning to understand plasma dynamics and the atom better now.  Scientists are combining sacred geometry into this and it is producing amazing results.  The Keshe Foundation is about to release some plasma technology to the world related to a new understanding of gravity, magnetism, matter, dark matter, and anti-matter.  It is really incredible and will be released to the world's scientists soon.

It may be in the very near future that these fundamental understandings into nature and energy lead to a mass explosion in technology.  This could bring us up to a higher civilization quickly where free energy, abundance, and prosperity for everyone leave the old systems behind.

The "powers that were" are being naturally dissolved by these new ways forward.  This is where apparent collapses occur.  I see it as more of a shift.  These events may be exactly what the extraterrestrials are waiting for to be more open with their contact.  Who knows?  I know it is time to think and talk about these issues as a planet, though.
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