September 6, 2012

Mayan Artifacts Depicting Space Travel and ETs

These Mayan UFO artifacts are absolutely mind blowing to me.  These are thousands of artifacts, discs, and clay objects that have been recovered from pyramids in Latin America.  They paint a very explicit tale of space travel and visitors from other worlds.  Are you brave enough to open your mind?

Many depictions are of beings which seem to be wearing a suit of some kind.  This would make sense if they are space travelers.  It would not make much sense that they are able to breathe in our atmosphere.

Mayan ET UFO Artifact
Actual Mayan Artifact Depiction
Other clay discs seem to show a vivid scene of space travel and actions in space.  One of my favorites is the depiction of craft exiting from our sun as if it is being used as a stargate.  One tablet/disc shows a cut out of the interior of a spacecraft.

It shows the being inside of it laying down as if resting or hibernating.  It looks to be wearing a masc and possibly be scaly.  Could this be the reptilian types that are widely talked about?  Who knows!  It is fun to speculate and let the imagination run wild.

A few other depictions show odd faces.  They are very similar to the common gray alien archetype with large, almond eyes and small mouth.  When you take that depiction along with the amazing DNA evidence that is coming out about the Starchild Skull found in Mexico, the proof of visitation and past interaction becomes very convincing to me.

On a slight tangent, here is the latest on the Starchild Skull, which is about 900 years old and was found in a cave in Mexico next to a human female skeleton.

One of the UFO crafts in the depictions seems to be using some sort of energy beam to deflect and move an asteroid.  Were these ETs helping the Earth?  Were they directing the asteroid as a weapon?  It is tough to know until ALL of the rest of the Mayan artifacts are released and more secrets are exposed.

The Mexican government has been rumored to be getting ready for a large release of these ET and Mayan artifacts.  The new UFO documentary Sirius will probably contain many of these precious finds as well.

If we take into account all of the news that is coming out about UFOs, aliens, the Space Family, and disclosure, it seems to be that we are on a vastly accelerated path to more open recognition of the secrets surrounding ETs.

Worldwide UFO sightings are on the rise, governments such as Britain are releasing their UFO files, and interest in the topic of extraterrestrials is exploding.  To me, we are in the midst of UFO and ET disclosure.  It is logical that this had to be a slow process to limit panic.

There are still powerful groups who do not want this information released, but the human race is crying out for the truth and we will have it as more brave souls come out to tell the truth.  We are not alone.  There are hundreds of thousands of civilizations in this galaxy alone.  Consciousness is Universal.

Once we become peaceful as a planet, we will be able to finally have open large scale contact.  The very fact that our Earth has not been openly attacked is proof that these ETs and UFOs are benevolent and want us to join them as another space faring civilization in peace.

The break out of these ancient Mayan artifacts are a big leap forward, but must be shared far and wide across the Internet.  Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are a great place to do it!  The story won't be told by the mainstream, corporate, state run media, so we share it with each other.  Will you help out?
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