September 30, 2012

An Intro to The New Project Achieving World Peace Now!

I wanted to share with you a new project that I am helping out with called Achieving World Peace Now!  It is beginning as a website and a Yahoo Group.

This is a new push by the amazing folks at the 2012 Scenario.  The aims of this project (as I see it) are to shine a light on how this world has been controlled and manipulated, share stories which give us hope about the future, and as a way to share new, bold ideas as to how we can usher in a golden age for the planet.

I feel we are well on our way to making world peace a reality and this seems like the final push to get everyone on the same page about reality, consciousness, spirituality, physics, fractals, free energy, urban gardening, and on and on.

As soon as I saw this new project, it was like I had no choice but to offer my  skills in blogging, social media, and internet marketing.  It is a tough thing to get new projects off the ground online, but the response has been amazing just on this first day!

It doesn't hurt that the audience from the 2012 Scenario is chomping at the bit to become more involved in disclosures of truths and new ways forward into the rays of peace and abundance for all.  This project is what we have all been looking for in terms of becoming involved.

Since I know you all hang out in different places online, it is important to reach out our peaceful roots to as many sites as possible.  This is my first goal in starting to help out this world peace project.

So far, here is a list of the new stuff created to promote Achieving World Peace Now!:

Please share, support and collaborate on this most important project.  There is nothing too small and that you cannot do.  Stop for a second and give yourself permission to do this!  The point of this is that it is done by the masses without a central control point.

Your skills are extremely valuable to us as this is a global community project.  I am merely dedicating everything I have learned about blogging into this because I feel there is no more important story or cause, especially after being a medical personnel in Iraq for two tours.

We can use graphic designers, SEOs, social media experts, writers, video makers, bloggers, scientists, basically anyone who is willing to help, teach, share and learn.  If you know somebody looking for a true open source project, this seems ideal to me!

For personal actions, if you want to start by building a free supporting blog (highly effective), I have some Youtube videos which will show you how to build a free Blogger blog here.  If you need some help on other topics, run your question through Youtube and you will be surprised at what people are teaching for free.

I really don't see myself doing anything else except: helping with this project for the near future, sharing positive stories and reveling in all of the amazing ideas that you come up with.  This is the final push to the new era that we all know is possible and imminent.  I hope you help us.

Sincerely, Jared Broker
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