September 20, 2012

Petition for President Obama to Accept Keshe Plasma Technology

Please sign the petition here to President Obama to accept the new plasma technology.  The Keshe Foundation is releasing its revolutionary technology to the world's scientists on September 21.

Hundreds of companies and dozens of countries are beginning to develop this technology.  It is offered to all leaders of the world to bring about energy abundance, space travel and a revolution in medicine.

Basically, it is a new insight into the fundamental workings of electromagnetism and gravity.  Also, Keshe has developed a new understanding of atomic structures.  The prototypes are working and this is the real deal new energy release that millions have dreamed of.  This is but one of thousands of thrusts towards a more peaceful world.  The war monger's time is at an end now.

Please read the short petition here, sign and share it everywhere you can online.  This technology is coming out globally, and the backward US energy powers are resisting it. It will be soon that we have global peace and zero poverty on the planet.  We just need to keep pushing towards these goals and believe that change is coming soon.
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