September 3, 2012

Introducing the New UFO Documentary: Sirius

It seems that the UFO issue is coming to a head with sightings on the rise all over the world.  Governments around the world are releasing their UFO files and this is becoming more common as time goes by.  This seems to be the most logical way that UFO disclosure would happen.  The reality of this issue must be faced by all, though it may be very difficult.

Dr. Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project has dedicated his life to pushing for the full release of all information about aliens by world governments.  His latest film, called Sirius, is going to be the largest release of UFO information and testimony to date.

What makes this UFO documentary so significant is that Dr. Greer has teamed up with award winning film maker Amardeep Kaleka.  The most important story in the history of the world, couple with the professional quality of this documentary makes it one of the most exciting films that I have ever wanted to see.

Sirius is sure to cover all of the ideas that The Disclosure Project covers, such as:

  • Earth has been visited and is being actively visited and monitored by benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations.
  • There are multiple black projects hiding behind certain corporations which are in possession of alien technology.  For decades, this technology has been reverse engineered and understood.
  • There are free energy and propulsion technologies which will bring about world peace, space travel, health and abundance for all.  It is the power structures which keep humanity from knowing the truth.
The Sirius UFO documentary looks like it will be one of the most important films of all time.  It is completely crowd funded since there are no large groups who are brave enough to help fund this vital project.  The good news is that so far, nearly $300,000 has been donated by the public.  This was plenty to get it funded on Kickstarter and the fundraising continues!

It is time that we all wake up to the fact that we are part of one whole in this Universe.  When we understand that Earth is but one of a countless number of inhabited planets, it brings us into a much more humble state where peace and partnership become the new ways forward as a human race.

Maybe once we become globally peaceful, we will be allowed to join our space family.  I can't think of a more important goal that we can each focus on, and strive towards.
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