September 19, 2012

Support the Baltic Sea Anomaly Dive and Research Here

You've probably heard about the Baltic Sea anomaly from a few months ago.  If not, here is their main updates page.  It is still being investigated and is still shrouded in mystery.

You can show your support for finding the truth about this unique structure on the bottom of the sea by signing this petition, too.  It voices your support for media agencies to cover this amazing find. This is a possibly history changing discovery.

Here is a video of an Ocean X team member Dennis Asberg answering recent questions:

The 60 meter wide stone structure on the bottom of the Baltic Sea is baffling veteran divers and researchers.  It looks to be on a runway or platform of some type.  After a few months of study and on their third dive, the Ocean X team is still puzzled.

In my opinion, the LEAST interesting that this structure could be is an ancient structure that dates to before the last ice age.  Added to the many thousands of structures that are buried beneath the sea, this could be another piece in the puzzle which will rewrite human history.

So, please show this team some support, keep sharing this story online, and tell your friends!  Here are the main sites which are supporting the team which has been diving and investigating the Baltic Sea Anomaly:

The Ocean Explorer Facebook Group: constant discussion and updates.  The theories here are very mind expanding!

The Ocean X Team site: Updates straight from the horse's mouth.

Petition to Support the Ocean X Team: Tell the media that you want them to do their job for once :)
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