October 15, 2012

The Day They Decloaked Their Spaceships

At first, there was a bit of anxiety in the masses.  Most, though, welcomed our Space Family with open hearts.  The propaganda about them was designed to make us fearful of them, but that facade faded quickly.  We realize now that it was designed by the former "world leaders" because they wanted to keep hold of their control.  Oh how power corrupts.

Within the centers of our hearts, we always knew that once we became peaceful, we would be allowed to interact openly with them.  The old saying that "we are all one" was found to be not just an Earthly thing, but a Universally energetic thing!

Us Earthlings had always been very resilient and open minded to incredible news.  It was only about three weeks before the open contact story was humdrum news, which surprised our newly unveiled friends greatly.

It is astounding that just a little while ago, there were still parts of the masses who thought we were alone and we were the highest Intelligences in the Universe!

That day started as any Earth day for many, but underlying our reality, a critical mass of peaceful people had been reached.  They had always monitored our collective consciousness, and they patiently waited while we all learned our lessons as a planet.  I guess that is always the "ticket price" for any planet to become a full member of the galactic society.

The veil, or containment was lifted.  All work stopped and a wave of freedom and unity with our fellow humans and the cosmos swept through the hearts of all people.  Even the animals became more at peace with their surroundings, it seemed.  Strange and wonderful times were indeed at hand.

On the second day, it was a time of global parties as the uncountable different forms of ships paraded our skies.

There were incredible formations, shape shifting crafts, parades types, and once we got used to these massive light ships in the skies, they performed incredible tricks and mock chases.

I cannot explain the level of joy that I felt watching that.  Some ships even brought people aboard to look around before they continued on to their next tasks across the Universe.

In the first month, the human population had reduced by about a billion as people, groups of friends and families joined our new friends in the newly opened cosmos.  The reasons were many.  Some groups had always felt that they were near.  Some were out on vacations to different stars.  Others took on new roles learning advanced ideas and some were required to be new Earth ambassadors to the hundreds of thousands of worlds in the Milky Way alone.

There is still a lot of adjusting to be done and new systems in place, but our Star Family's technology quickly rebuilt the destroyed forests, brought perfect health to everyone, and made abundance the new norm for all.

The African forest was grown in a week and all the instruments and vehicles of war were transformed into peaceful ships and tools for health, free power, and growing food.

Looking back on times of famine, war, and disease, I can only shake my head at the stupidity and say "good riddance"!  I wonder what the planets of the Pleiades are like.  Maybe I'll check them out next Earth week after I am done learning about hyperdimensional travel in class. 
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