October 3, 2012

Introduction Video to the Achieving World Peace Now! Network

Introducing the Achieving World Peace Now! project.

This is the first video I shot for the project I am helping out with called Achieving World Peace Now!  Check it out and share:

It is a network that I am building out for groups to interact on.  My personal vision (and only mine) for it is one where people collaborate on projects, share pictures, videos, pretty much anything that is in their hearts about peace.

The world is moving forward into new ways of freedom, peace, partnership, and abundance for all.  I fully believe this.  Where is the evidence?! I hear you all thinking.  Well, it's everywhere!

The western system of fiat currency has utterly failed.  Banking and financial scandals are coming to light.  Free energy technologies are being released all over the planet.

UFO disclosures are rapidly accelerating by governments across the world and UFO sightings are rapidly increasing!

As soon as I saw this project launched as a blog and Yahoo Group, I was helpless but to devote myself to it.  I realized they needed someone with SEO and social media skills.

My goals are to keep building out the social network because I know people have different preferences about sites.  Each one is going to take on a life of its own and spawn countless other projects.

Some of the things you can do to help is promote the different stuff I have built and the blog especially.  There are some incredibly inspiring stories and guidance there.

The Achieving World Peace Now! project is open to anyone with a pulse.  Come join one of (or all of) the groups that are listed on the links page here.  You will find an inspired group of thinkers, artists, writers, bloggers, scientists, people from all walks of life.  YOU have something to contribute to this!

The ideas which will usher us into the prophesied Golden Age will come from the people.  I know YOU have ideas about new ways forward for food, energy, technology, sustainability, government, banking, health, spirituality, and on and on.

Now is not the time to keep it a secret.  Share it.  One of the best things you can do is start a free blog.  I have free screen capture videos of how to do it on my Youtube Channel here.

I am throwing everything I know and am at this project and it is taking off for a good reason.  The masses have had enough greed, domination, pollution, and violence.

The ways forward are partnership, diplomacy, free energy, abundance, space travel, and freedom for every single soul on the planet.  I know this is coming and we need more ideas about moving forward now!  Turn off the propaganda tube and come help, please.
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