October 11, 2012

Mass Meditation or Prayer for Liberation on October 21, 2012

There is a new video call for peaceful group action on October 21, 2012.  On that day, we will all pray or meditate, alone or in groups for the planet to be completely set free of dark forces.  Here's the video:

The instructions are for meditation, but this obviously does not apply to everyone.  This thought came to me from looking at the comments on Youtube.  I believe meditation alone cuts out too many people who prefer to pray.

Our Free Will is a Powerful Gift

Since I believe we are all gifted with free will, we can choose to have the planet set free and it will have a major effect.  When this is done by a mass of people, it has been proven that the collective effectiveness is exponentially enhanced.

Researchers such as Gregg Braden have proven and shown that when peaceful thoughts, actions, or intents are made by the individual, the heart gives out a specific resonance.  This extends outwards from the heart to kilometers.  As people all over the globe participate, the combined power is not increased linearly, but exponentially!  This means that YOU CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

You can check out the Portal 2012 site since there is a specific time set to align the intentions of millions around the world.  Check it out, decide for freedom and peace to the whole world, and join in the mass intent for liberation on October 21, 2012.  We will all be free from the dark soon.

Personally, I have made this intention and free will decision already.  I don't see a reason why it must be delayed.  In the run up to this mass action, I will be intending this as often as I possibly can.  I don't see any world topics which are more important.

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