October 21, 2012

Mass Meditations and Prayers For Peace Today

Mass Meditation for Peace
You are Infinitely Powerful
Please share and participate in the mass meditation and prayer event today.

We will all use our free will to send a message to the world and Universe that all people on Earth choose to live together as one people.

You can find the information on the event here: Day of Decision Update, Portal 2012

When we all decide on something with our free will and intention, it has a very real effect.  This has been studied and proven many times over.  For example, check out this study when a mass meditation lowered rates of violence around the world during that period.

As group intention works together it is amplified exponentially, not in a linear type of way.  What this means is that you, yes YOU READING THIS, are a massively powerful being.

You add to the global power of this intention for freedom from those who wish to steal, control, lie, destroy, and murder.  Their time of rule is over.  The people will remove their shackles and create a new, rational world.  Join in this momentous shift.

Step 1 is believing it to be possible.  Step 2 is action!  LET US FREE OURSELVES!  Stand and be counted as a peaceful being of love and light.
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