October 5, 2012

The Achieving World Peace Now! Site is Close to Done!

From Peace-Etcetera.com
I have been working for a few days straight on the new site and social network called Achieving World Peace Now!

Yesterday and today was aimed at getting the main site built with some hierarchy for the pages and categories.  Here it is so far: Achieving World Peace Now!

This has been a lot more fun and fulfilling than building out the greed based internet marketing networks that I used to make all the time!

It is very motivating when the ends and means are completely in alignment!  The next steps are to get the authors from their first blog over to the new site.

This is my video about the first days of the network and it continues to grow...

As time goes on, I hope that we can attract a bunch of writers because sites are always more successful when a lot of motivated people are working together as one for a common purpose.  I can think of none better.  This is how humanity is going to get things done in the future: no masters, no controllers, no leaders.

I think this is one of the Tao Te Ching's most important lessons to me is, that leaders are only successful when they place themselves below the people.  This is alien in the west, but is being rapidly taught, whether it is desired or not!

Anyway, enough ramblings.  If you are reading this and have a pulse, we can use your help! Check out our growing list of AWPN! hubs here, join, share and start doing anything that you enjoy in the name of peace.

Any skill level of writers, bloggers, spiritual people, scientists, graphics people, video makers, editors, anyone can help collaborate. This network is where you will find people who have a diverse background with one objective of world peace.

The first step is believing that we can all turn our back on the old ways and usher in unity, justice, freedom and abundance for every fucking person on the planet.  The second belief is that you are an infinite being who can help make this change.

The Achieving World Peace Now! project is going to be such a success because there is no central point of control.  It is flexible and will spawn many more projects.
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