October 24, 2012

My New Site About Star Seeds, Portals and Gate Keepers

Sphere Tetrahedron Grid

I have received a lot of inspiration to write about Ascension, Star Seeds, Portals, and Gate Keepers, so I thought I would share it.

It is going to be on one of my other sites that I am revamping called Earth Spore, check it out here.  That site started out as a Sci-Fi book promo that I stopped, but I like that it was available once I started to be inspired about this new info.  Everything happens for a reason, I guess!

A lot of this information has come since I started analyzing my dreams.  This makes sense because I believe that we all have a higher self which is more "plugged in" to what is really going on around us.  Our higher conscious contacts us in a myriad of ways and one of the most abundant is the dream state, of course!

Some of this new info is inspired by the messages that I read from channels.  I have always stated that I really don't care who or what the source of the message is.  We are all part of one inconceivable consciousness and if it resonates with me and helps me, I go with it and that is the end of that.

I have gotten inspiration and guidance from merely pretending that there are no coincidences throughout the day and going with whatever pops up in my day to day.  See, the origin doesn't matter!

A huge amount of information also came to me because I have always loved Science Fiction.  My Earth Spore site is going to walk the line between Science Fiction, the Disclosure Movement, and the Ascension Movement.

I feel it is important to expand the consciousness and imagination of others rather than trying to prove that something is correct.  It is going to be a site that I hope will keep you thinking and imagining different possibilities.

As consciousness expands on this planet, imagination of better ways forward will be the primary way that we get things done.  Technology is already coming out that interacts with thoughts.

So, what do you think the next steps are?  To me, it is nano-tech interfacing with thoughts to create whatever we wish.  Universal laws will dictate that we are only able to create that which helps others.  Sounds like literal co-creation is right around the corner, especially since technology progresses in exponential ways, not linear.

I post a lot of sincere help over there regarding spiritual awakenings, Ascension, and those who wish to learn more about their higher selves and their purpose for being incarnated on this planet, so if you are into that please stop by!

If you feel that something I write over there does not resonate, I demand that you discount (not ridicule) it immediately because it is obviously not meant for you.  I hope you find something in there that is useful, though.

One fungal spore can travel thousands of miles and turn into a giant network across acres of tree roots and that is the underlying theme to the Earth Spore site...
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