June 28, 2013

Create and Edit Your Own Free Web Magazine - Scoop.it

I have been obsessed with Scoop.it (here) lately.  It allows you to publish up to five free online magazines.

It also plugs in to a lot of social media sites so you can automatically share your interesting found links across your network.  It is a great way to join the community online around your topic.

Sccop.it likes to also focus on curation of content.  This just means that we use our web magazines to sift through the best stuff online for that topic.

This is a built in free feature of Scoop.it.  You have a panel which allows you to use key phrases to search different sources.

These include: Twitter, Youtube, Google blogs, Google news, other Scoop.it mags, and most importantly, any RSS feed that you can find.

If you simply use a Google alerts feed, this means you can have the latest updated Google information having to do with the keywords that are important to your magazine.

If you keep at it, like I have for the past month, you will start to use it to refine the topics you are interested in.  It is also a lot of fun to interact with the other Scoop.it topics.

Do a search at the top of Scoop.it and browse around.  Give a lot of thanks, follow, and recommend Scoop links to people.  They appreciate it and this grows your own following.

I think there is a lot of value in the site interaction on a constant basis, too.  I am running a few ideas for a new site to train people how to be independent journalists.

Scoop.it combined with blogging is looking promising as something to share.  Oh well, enough rambling.

Check out Scoop.it here.  Follow my free Scoop.it magazines here.
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