June 28, 2013

Researching a Topic Through Feeds on Scoop.it

The Scoop.it interface is getting really good.  It seems like it is being overlooked as a tool for uncovering a wealth of information about a topic you are interested in.

In the dashboard of your topic, click on the "Suggestions" button on the right.  It will bring up the feeds about your topic's keyword phrases.

I would encourage you to edit this dashboard constantly.  If you keep at Scoop.it every day for a little while, you will see that you know which feeds to discard and which ones are valuable.

Hit the "Manage Sources" button within the "Suggestions" window.  This is the main section where you can really dig in to your topic and uncover the real news in depth.

On the "Advanced Options" button.  there is another host of sources that you can mine for links and stories.  My favorite is the Twitter Search bar.  Type in any phrase and you will get some of the most up to date info about that search phrase directly from Twitter.

The most important part about making Scoop.it very effective is to keep at it.  This can replace RSS readers as it can mine the breaking news straight from the social web.
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