September 17, 2013

Is a Kind of Global Reset Taking Place?

There is a host of rumors and behind the scenes chatter that something major is going on right now.  It seems to involve a global alliance of nations which are fighting the secret global elite.

I was following these stories for a while, but there is so much confusing information, I just gave up.  It was making me insane!

Now, a host of sources are talking about imminent events such as:
  • a complete forgiving of global debts
  • resetting of global currencies away from the fiat money
  • alternate international court to the Hague
  • massive move to end poverty completely, make the deserts green, bring out free energy and space travel
If any of this is true, it makes sense that precious metals will be placed front and center on the global stage.

I review one of the most popular precious metals investment companies here.  It is called Regal Assets.

Be Safe, and Be Calm Out There
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