November 4, 2013

Starting my Training Site for Alternative Media People

I am compiling everything I know about search engines, social media, and keyword research to make some free training.  I call it JBro SEO.  It is mostly screen capture stuff on my Youtube Channel since no one wants to read a bunch of my crap!

The focus is showing everybody how easy it is to reach the masses based around the issues that you see wrong with the world.

I made a tutorial series on how to build free Blogger blogs and am growing from there.  Another site I will be teaching soon is  Check it out.

It is a free site where you can make five free web magazines and plug them into many different social media sites.  You can also mine a lot of news stories in real time so you can keep up on your issues.

Hope it is helpful.  Be sure to share with your friends who want to start blogging!
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