October 24, 2012

My New Site About Star Seeds, Portals and Gate Keepers

Sphere Tetrahedron Grid

I have received a lot of inspiration to write about Ascension, Star Seeds, Portals, and Gate Keepers, so I thought I would share it.

It is going to be on one of my other sites that I am revamping called Earth Spore, check it out here.  That site started out as a Sci-Fi book promo that I stopped, but I like that it was available once I started to be inspired about this new info.  Everything happens for a reason, I guess!

A lot of this information has come since I started analyzing my dreams.  This makes sense because I believe that we all have a higher self which is more "plugged in" to what is really going on around us.  Our higher conscious contacts us in a myriad of ways and one of the most abundant is the dream state, of course!

Some of this new info is inspired by the messages that I read from channels.  I have always stated that I really don't care who or what the source of the message is.  We are all part of one inconceivable consciousness and if it resonates with me and helps me, I go with it and that is the end of that.

I have gotten inspiration and guidance from merely pretending that there are no coincidences throughout the day and going with whatever pops up in my day to day.  See, the origin doesn't matter!

A huge amount of information also came to me because I have always loved Science Fiction.  My Earth Spore site is going to walk the line between Science Fiction, the Disclosure Movement, and the Ascension Movement.

I feel it is important to expand the consciousness and imagination of others rather than trying to prove that something is correct.  It is going to be a site that I hope will keep you thinking and imagining different possibilities.

As consciousness expands on this planet, imagination of better ways forward will be the primary way that we get things done.  Technology is already coming out that interacts with thoughts.

So, what do you think the next steps are?  To me, it is nano-tech interfacing with thoughts to create whatever we wish.  Universal laws will dictate that we are only able to create that which helps others.  Sounds like literal co-creation is right around the corner, especially since technology progresses in exponential ways, not linear.

I post a lot of sincere help over there regarding spiritual awakenings, Ascension, and those who wish to learn more about their higher selves and their purpose for being incarnated on this planet, so if you are into that please stop by!

If you feel that something I write over there does not resonate, I demand that you discount (not ridicule) it immediately because it is obviously not meant for you.  I hope you find something in there that is useful, though.

One fungal spore can travel thousands of miles and turn into a giant network across acres of tree roots and that is the underlying theme to the Earth Spore site...

October 21, 2012

Mass Meditations and Prayers For Peace Today

Mass Meditation for Peace
You are Infinitely Powerful
Please share and participate in the mass meditation and prayer event today.

We will all use our free will to send a message to the world and Universe that all people on Earth choose to live together as one people.

You can find the information on the event here: Day of Decision Update, Portal 2012

When we all decide on something with our free will and intention, it has a very real effect.  This has been studied and proven many times over.  For example, check out this study when a mass meditation lowered rates of violence around the world during that period.

As group intention works together it is amplified exponentially, not in a linear type of way.  What this means is that you, yes YOU READING THIS, are a massively powerful being.

You add to the global power of this intention for freedom from those who wish to steal, control, lie, destroy, and murder.  Their time of rule is over.  The people will remove their shackles and create a new, rational world.  Join in this momentous shift.

Step 1 is believing it to be possible.  Step 2 is action!  LET US FREE OURSELVES!  Stand and be counted as a peaceful being of love and light.

October 15, 2012

The Day They Decloaked Their Spaceships

At first, there was a bit of anxiety in the masses.  Most, though, welcomed our Space Family with open hearts.  The propaganda about them was designed to make us fearful of them, but that facade faded quickly.  We realize now that it was designed by the former "world leaders" because they wanted to keep hold of their control.  Oh how power corrupts.

Within the centers of our hearts, we always knew that once we became peaceful, we would be allowed to interact openly with them.  The old saying that "we are all one" was found to be not just an Earthly thing, but a Universally energetic thing!

Us Earthlings had always been very resilient and open minded to incredible news.  It was only about three weeks before the open contact story was humdrum news, which surprised our newly unveiled friends greatly.

It is astounding that just a little while ago, there were still parts of the masses who thought we were alone and we were the highest Intelligences in the Universe!

That day started as any Earth day for many, but underlying our reality, a critical mass of peaceful people had been reached.  They had always monitored our collective consciousness, and they patiently waited while we all learned our lessons as a planet.  I guess that is always the "ticket price" for any planet to become a full member of the galactic society.

The veil, or containment was lifted.  All work stopped and a wave of freedom and unity with our fellow humans and the cosmos swept through the hearts of all people.  Even the animals became more at peace with their surroundings, it seemed.  Strange and wonderful times were indeed at hand.

On the second day, it was a time of global parties as the uncountable different forms of ships paraded our skies.

There were incredible formations, shape shifting crafts, parades types, and once we got used to these massive light ships in the skies, they performed incredible tricks and mock chases.

I cannot explain the level of joy that I felt watching that.  Some ships even brought people aboard to look around before they continued on to their next tasks across the Universe.

In the first month, the human population had reduced by about a billion as people, groups of friends and families joined our new friends in the newly opened cosmos.  The reasons were many.  Some groups had always felt that they were near.  Some were out on vacations to different stars.  Others took on new roles learning advanced ideas and some were required to be new Earth ambassadors to the hundreds of thousands of worlds in the Milky Way alone.

There is still a lot of adjusting to be done and new systems in place, but our Star Family's technology quickly rebuilt the destroyed forests, brought perfect health to everyone, and made abundance the new norm for all.

The African forest was grown in a week and all the instruments and vehicles of war were transformed into peaceful ships and tools for health, free power, and growing food.

Looking back on times of famine, war, and disease, I can only shake my head at the stupidity and say "good riddance"!  I wonder what the planets of the Pleiades are like.  Maybe I'll check them out next Earth week after I am done learning about hyperdimensional travel in class. 

October 13, 2012

Update on Dr. Greer's Possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity

Incredible New Research by Dr. Steven Greer and his Team

I just listened to Dr. Steven Greer talk about the possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) that they his group is studying.  This was on the World Puja Network.  The body is about six inches in length and incredibly well preserved.

Here are some of the amazing details.

  • It is clearly a biological specimen that is not a hoax.
  • The EBE does not seem to be any type of primate, monkey or hominoid.
  • Geneticists and doctors do not believe that it is a result of human genetics or any type of abnormality.
  • The calsification and bone formation show that this is absolutely not an aborted or stillborn fetus. This is the opinion of a Radiologist with the highest levels of training and experience.
  • It is a small body and dried out which is perfect for a detailed CAT scan.  This was looked at by multiple doctors and they could see the internal organs.
The genetics studies are the next step in the investigation of this possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.  It is going to compare the genetics of humans with the genetics of this being.  Some ribs were removed for this genetic study.

I am amazed by the speed at which Dr. Greer and his team have begun their studies into this being.  I think they only announced the entity about a month ago, so this is incredible progress.  They have obviously been working their asses off to bring the world the truth that we all deserve.

They are speeding along the study of this entity so that it can be included in the UFO, ET, free energy documentary called Sirius (check it out here).  If you feel this information is important for the world, consider donating a bit of money to the movie at their site so that this study can be advanced more quickly.

October 11, 2012

Mass Meditation or Prayer for Liberation on October 21, 2012

There is a new video call for peaceful group action on October 21, 2012.  On that day, we will all pray or meditate, alone or in groups for the planet to be completely set free of dark forces.  Here's the video:

The instructions are for meditation, but this obviously does not apply to everyone.  This thought came to me from looking at the comments on Youtube.  I believe meditation alone cuts out too many people who prefer to pray.

Our Free Will is a Powerful Gift

Since I believe we are all gifted with free will, we can choose to have the planet set free and it will have a major effect.  When this is done by a mass of people, it has been proven that the collective effectiveness is exponentially enhanced.

Researchers such as Gregg Braden have proven and shown that when peaceful thoughts, actions, or intents are made by the individual, the heart gives out a specific resonance.  This extends outwards from the heart to kilometers.  As people all over the globe participate, the combined power is not increased linearly, but exponentially!  This means that YOU CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

You can check out the Portal 2012 site since there is a specific time set to align the intentions of millions around the world.  Check it out, decide for freedom and peace to the whole world, and join in the mass intent for liberation on October 21, 2012.  We will all be free from the dark soon.

Personally, I have made this intention and free will decision already.  I don't see a reason why it must be delayed.  In the run up to this mass action, I will be intending this as often as I possibly can.  I don't see any world topics which are more important.


October 5, 2012

The Achieving World Peace Now! Site is Close to Done!

From Peace-Etcetera.com
I have been working for a few days straight on the new site and social network called Achieving World Peace Now!

Yesterday and today was aimed at getting the main site built with some hierarchy for the pages and categories.  Here it is so far: Achieving World Peace Now!

This has been a lot more fun and fulfilling than building out the greed based internet marketing networks that I used to make all the time!

It is very motivating when the ends and means are completely in alignment!  The next steps are to get the authors from their first blog over to the new site.

This is my video about the first days of the network and it continues to grow...

As time goes on, I hope that we can attract a bunch of writers because sites are always more successful when a lot of motivated people are working together as one for a common purpose.  I can think of none better.  This is how humanity is going to get things done in the future: no masters, no controllers, no leaders.

I think this is one of the Tao Te Ching's most important lessons to me is, that leaders are only successful when they place themselves below the people.  This is alien in the west, but is being rapidly taught, whether it is desired or not!

Anyway, enough ramblings.  If you are reading this and have a pulse, we can use your help! Check out our growing list of AWPN! hubs here, join, share and start doing anything that you enjoy in the name of peace.

Any skill level of writers, bloggers, spiritual people, scientists, graphics people, video makers, editors, anyone can help collaborate. This network is where you will find people who have a diverse background with one objective of world peace.

The first step is believing that we can all turn our back on the old ways and usher in unity, justice, freedom and abundance for every fucking person on the planet.  The second belief is that you are an infinite being who can help make this change.

The Achieving World Peace Now! project is going to be such a success because there is no central point of control.  It is flexible and will spawn many more projects.

October 3, 2012

Introduction Video to the Achieving World Peace Now! Network

Introducing the Achieving World Peace Now! project.

This is the first video I shot for the project I am helping out with called Achieving World Peace Now!  Check it out and share:

It is a network that I am building out for groups to interact on.  My personal vision (and only mine) for it is one where people collaborate on projects, share pictures, videos, pretty much anything that is in their hearts about peace.

The world is moving forward into new ways of freedom, peace, partnership, and abundance for all.  I fully believe this.  Where is the evidence?! I hear you all thinking.  Well, it's everywhere!

The western system of fiat currency has utterly failed.  Banking and financial scandals are coming to light.  Free energy technologies are being released all over the planet.

UFO disclosures are rapidly accelerating by governments across the world and UFO sightings are rapidly increasing!

As soon as I saw this project launched as a blog and Yahoo Group, I was helpless but to devote myself to it.  I realized they needed someone with SEO and social media skills.

My goals are to keep building out the social network because I know people have different preferences about sites.  Each one is going to take on a life of its own and spawn countless other projects.

Some of the things you can do to help is promote the different stuff I have built and the blog especially.  There are some incredibly inspiring stories and guidance there.

The Achieving World Peace Now! project is open to anyone with a pulse.  Come join one of (or all of) the groups that are listed on the links page here.  You will find an inspired group of thinkers, artists, writers, bloggers, scientists, people from all walks of life.  YOU have something to contribute to this!

The ideas which will usher us into the prophesied Golden Age will come from the people.  I know YOU have ideas about new ways forward for food, energy, technology, sustainability, government, banking, health, spirituality, and on and on.

Now is not the time to keep it a secret.  Share it.  One of the best things you can do is start a free blog.  I have free screen capture videos of how to do it on my Youtube Channel here.

I am throwing everything I know and am at this project and it is taking off for a good reason.  The masses have had enough greed, domination, pollution, and violence.

The ways forward are partnership, diplomacy, free energy, abundance, space travel, and freedom for every single soul on the planet.  I know this is coming and we need more ideas about moving forward now!  Turn off the propaganda tube and come help, please.

September 30, 2012

My First Look Behind the Scenes of the new Achieving World Peace Now Site

I got access to the awesome new project called Achieving World Peace Now!  I am offering my technical blogging skills because I feel this project is a big drive towards the finish line of the coming Golden Age.

This may sounds corny, dorky, or weird to you, but I assure you I have done my homework about topics like ancient cultures, fractals, energy, consciousness, and spirituality.  I don't make wild claims left and right.

I feel everything is changing and that big, wonderful changes are coming.  I have always had a desire to learn truths and the deeper you dig, the stranger the truths become, but I felt compelled to follow logic and evidence.

This is what the rabbit hole is to me!

The response to this project is amazing.  I only did a little bit of social shares, building links, and emails and the response is crazy.

Looking at the stats shows almost 1000 visits on the first day.  The Facebook Group (here) is exploding and I will need to find some admin or moderators for that first thing.

That is really damn good for a brand new project on the first two days.  Here is a cool screenshot of the backend of the site:

If you consider for a minute that visitors represent a little light of attention.  With a thousand visitors shining the lights of their attention at once, then energetically that is like a star igniting out of nothing (not to be too dramatic).

I think this is what Terence McKenna meant when he said, "don't watch tv, don't even read the magazine.  Create your OWN culture." or something like that.

A culture of peace is one that I am glad to be participating in with whatever talents I have in the here and now.

Please open your minds outside of your tunnel vision.  Please have an open mind, which is the same as an expanded consciousness. "see what I mean?"

The new ways forward are with open heart, soul, and mind.  Tomorrow seems like it is going to be busy.  Good night all!

An Intro to The New Project Achieving World Peace Now!

I wanted to share with you a new project that I am helping out with called Achieving World Peace Now!  It is beginning as a website and a Yahoo Group.

This is a new push by the amazing folks at the 2012 Scenario.  The aims of this project (as I see it) are to shine a light on how this world has been controlled and manipulated, share stories which give us hope about the future, and as a way to share new, bold ideas as to how we can usher in a golden age for the planet.

I feel we are well on our way to making world peace a reality and this seems like the final push to get everyone on the same page about reality, consciousness, spirituality, physics, fractals, free energy, urban gardening, and on and on.

As soon as I saw this new project, it was like I had no choice but to offer my  skills in blogging, social media, and internet marketing.  It is a tough thing to get new projects off the ground online, but the response has been amazing just on this first day!

It doesn't hurt that the audience from the 2012 Scenario is chomping at the bit to become more involved in disclosures of truths and new ways forward into the rays of peace and abundance for all.  This project is what we have all been looking for in terms of becoming involved.

Since I know you all hang out in different places online, it is important to reach out our peaceful roots to as many sites as possible.  This is my first goal in starting to help out this world peace project.

So far, here is a list of the new stuff created to promote Achieving World Peace Now!:

Please share, support and collaborate on this most important project.  There is nothing too small and that you cannot do.  Stop for a second and give yourself permission to do this!  The point of this is that it is done by the masses without a central control point.

Your skills are extremely valuable to us as this is a global community project.  I am merely dedicating everything I have learned about blogging into this because I feel there is no more important story or cause, especially after being a medical personnel in Iraq for two tours.

We can use graphic designers, SEOs, social media experts, writers, video makers, bloggers, scientists, basically anyone who is willing to help, teach, share and learn.  If you know somebody looking for a true open source project, this seems ideal to me!

For personal actions, if you want to start by building a free supporting blog (highly effective), I have some Youtube videos which will show you how to build a free Blogger blog here.  If you need some help on other topics, run your question through Youtube and you will be surprised at what people are teaching for free.

I really don't see myself doing anything else except: helping with this project for the near future, sharing positive stories and reveling in all of the amazing ideas that you come up with.  This is the final push to the new era that we all know is possible and imminent.  I hope you help us.

Sincerely, Jared Broker

September 24, 2012

Petition to Dismantle Monsanto Due to Poison and Crimes

Please sign and share this petition to dismantle Monsanto, the pesticide and genetically modified food producer.

For years, Monsanto has poisoned and polluted humans, animals, and plants.  Studies have proven that their GMO food causes cancer, organ failure, and limits expected life spans.

This company has blanketed the US with dangerous pesticide resistant crops.  They have sued and ruined countless farmers because their seeds are patented.

When seeds blow off of trucks into fields, the farmers are sued for having those seeds on their property. Here is a documentary if you would like to learn more about this issue:

September 23, 2012

Sirius Documentary Update from Dr. Greer and Amardeep Kaleka

This latest update on the Sirius ET documentary is packed with new details and a great positive message from a World Puja Network talk by Dr. Greer and film maker Amardeep Kaleka.

Some of the points that Dr. Greer and Mr. Kaleka cover in this latest update are:

  • Amardeep Kaleka addresses the murder of his father at the Sikh Temple.  He says that this was a senseless act by a member of a racist group and not related to Sirius in any way.
  • Dr. Greer talks a little about the Extraterrestrial Biological Entity that they are going to investigate further.  They may include add this to the film after more investigation.  He does not disclose where the body is, but covers the testing that they are performing including MRI, genetics, and others.  He also mentions the skull that is in the possession of Lloyd Pye.  It is unclear at this point, but that skull may be included in Sirius.
  • One of my favorite topics, consciousness technology, is discussed at length as well.  This is related to machines, energy, and communications which interact with thoughts.  This technology has been fully developed in black projects around the world and once fully released, it will usher in a new age which will make the past century seem like caveman times.
The Sirius team is insanely hard at work to release this information to the public, so please show your support by sharing their videos around the web, donate a little money here and tell your friends about this most important film.  Have a good one.

September 20, 2012

Petition for President Obama to Accept Keshe Plasma Technology

Please sign the petition here to President Obama to accept the new plasma technology.  The Keshe Foundation is releasing its revolutionary technology to the world's scientists on September 21.

Hundreds of companies and dozens of countries are beginning to develop this technology.  It is offered to all leaders of the world to bring about energy abundance, space travel and a revolution in medicine.

Basically, it is a new insight into the fundamental workings of electromagnetism and gravity.  Also, Keshe has developed a new understanding of atomic structures.  The prototypes are working and this is the real deal new energy release that millions have dreamed of.  This is but one of thousands of thrusts towards a more peaceful world.  The war monger's time is at an end now.

Please read the short petition here, sign and share it everywhere you can online.  This technology is coming out globally, and the backward US energy powers are resisting it. It will be soon that we have global peace and zero poverty on the planet.  We just need to keep pushing towards these goals and believe that change is coming soon.

September 19, 2012

My Blogger How to Project: Resurrecting My Old Youtube

I used to be obsessed with Internet Marketing and SEO tips and tricks.  If anyone has been down that path, you know what kind of hold it takes of you.  Instead, I had to bow out of the latest and greatest Internet Marketing game.  I learned a huge amount and do browse around every now and again with some forums.

The best part was that it showed me how to set up an entire blogging and social network for free or cheap.  I am grateful for that.

Recently, I took my new talents and focused on my new passions of UFO disclosure and free energy.  Once you go down the rabbit hole of this info/disinformation cluster fuck (sorry, I WAS a sailor!), you become focused on finding the truth.  Anyway, I'm not on topic!

So when I was at the end of building dozens of blogs in different niches and being greedy, I decided to shift and help new people who wanted to try it out for free.  So, I created about 8 Blogger How to set up videos and put them up for free.

And now, I am going to be taking my old Youtube Channel more seriously.  This is the first in my series of Blogger videos.  I think they're getting a little better, maybe not:

I am writing this as a kind of promise to myself that I will start taking care of the optimization of my Youtube channel and making more helpful free blogging videos because that is what's fun to me!

It really helps me if you leave comments around my Youtube channel or on this blog for now.  If you are reading this, you should build a blog!  It should be about your passion and be fun.  Come learn.

Support the Baltic Sea Anomaly Dive and Research Here

You've probably heard about the Baltic Sea anomaly from a few months ago.  If not, here is their main updates page.  It is still being investigated and is still shrouded in mystery.

You can show your support for finding the truth about this unique structure on the bottom of the sea by signing this petition, too.  It voices your support for media agencies to cover this amazing find. This is a possibly history changing discovery.

Here is a video of an Ocean X team member Dennis Asberg answering recent questions:

The 60 meter wide stone structure on the bottom of the Baltic Sea is baffling veteran divers and researchers.  It looks to be on a runway or platform of some type.  After a few months of study and on their third dive, the Ocean X team is still puzzled.

In my opinion, the LEAST interesting that this structure could be is an ancient structure that dates to before the last ice age.  Added to the many thousands of structures that are buried beneath the sea, this could be another piece in the puzzle which will rewrite human history.

So, please show this team some support, keep sharing this story online, and tell your friends!  Here are the main sites which are supporting the team which has been diving and investigating the Baltic Sea Anomaly:

The Ocean Explorer Facebook Group: constant discussion and updates.  The theories here are very mind expanding!

The Ocean X Team site: Updates straight from the horse's mouth.

Petition to Support the Ocean X Team: Tell the media that you want them to do their job for once :)

September 17, 2012

New Disclosure Vid: I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You?

InLight Radio has released an awesome video about our Galactic family, disclosure, and new ways of thinking about UFOs, free energy, and Earth's history.  Please share it with your friends and family.  We have to face this stuff.

That shows some of the best UFO videos I have seen.  It was really well done and my hat is off to them!

And now a related rant about consciousness technology and our own:

I believe we are all in a continuous state of evolving our consciousness.  It is a natural progression as we gain experiences and resolve problems or conflicts.  It makes sense to me that if beings are here observing us, they would have a higher state of consciousness.

When you couple the fact of higher consciousnesses with the strides we are making today in our own study of mind, energy and consciousness, the limits on technology are dissolving rapidly.

Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project always talks about technology which interfaces with consciousness.  He brings them up when he talks about the black projects that have reverse engineered alien technology for decades.  There has been experimentation with this type of stuff.

Take for instance this experiment where researchers were able to bring out crude images people are thinking about.

They mapped the mind as the volunteer watches various movies.  Based on that information they are beginning to be able to read the images that people are thinking about.  This is one more in a long list of experiments where scientists are accessing mind.

The idea of mind controlled devices are literally a reality right now.  Prosthetic arms are able to interface with thoughts now.  It is not far off where we will be able to control large complicated machines easily with our minds.

If you want to extrapolate to the small, we will be able to control a cloud of nanotechnology with our minds, too.  Isn't that close to being able to control matter itself?

If this kind of technology had progressed on other planets where they are able to travel between stars, then all of their technology would probably progress this far as well.  That makes sense to me.

New Paradigms are Blossoming in Science and Technology

We are also beginning to understand plasma dynamics and the atom better now.  Scientists are combining sacred geometry into this and it is producing amazing results.  The Keshe Foundation is about to release some plasma technology to the world related to a new understanding of gravity, magnetism, matter, dark matter, and anti-matter.  It is really incredible and will be released to the world's scientists soon.

It may be in the very near future that these fundamental understandings into nature and energy lead to a mass explosion in technology.  This could bring us up to a higher civilization quickly where free energy, abundance, and prosperity for everyone leave the old systems behind.

The "powers that were" are being naturally dissolved by these new ways forward.  This is where apparent collapses occur.  I see it as more of a shift.  These events may be exactly what the extraterrestrials are waiting for to be more open with their contact.  Who knows?  I know it is time to think and talk about these issues as a planet, though.

Spectacular UFO Videos from February 2012: Wide Variety

Weather Balloon Made of Swamp Gas??
This is an excellent video collection taken of UFOs throughout February, 2012.  An amazing increase in UFO sightings across the world has been taking place as we start this decade.

I really like this group of UFOs because they are so diverse.  Some show objects which appear as consciously controlled asteroids.  Others are pulsating and stationary, multicolored flying objects.

All of these UFO videos are labelled with their date and location.  Whoever made this compilation did a very good job, so show them some love by sharing across your social networks like Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

Many people are still unaware that these UFO sightings are rapidly increasing across the world.  It helps everyone to share and wake others up to this fact.  It seems like it is going to culminate in something very major for this planet.  Who knows?

Maybe our global consciousness is raising enough where open contact can become possible in the near future.  This is one of the main reasons why I have had such an obsession with UFOs lately.  The more I study, the more excited I get!

Silver Sphere UFOs Performing Incredible Acceleration: 1993

These UFOs videos were caught from the ground in 1993.

It is tough to tell whether these videos are authentic because they are so old, but I like to share a wide variety of different lights and shapes in the sky that are difficult to explain.

I have seen these types of silver spheres in a host of other videos and they seem very interesting.  What makes them hard for skeptics is their acceleration and sudden stopping in mid air.

No flying craft acknowledged as man made can go from a hover to instant acceleration like these UFOs.  Although, I bet some special projects that are kept from the public can do this very easily.

September 16, 2012

Mass UFO Sighting Myrtle Beach 12/13/12 with Everyone Excited

This is a pretty cool mass UFO sighting from Myrtle Beach on September 13, 2012.

That type of UFO has become much more common recently.  Often they consist of at least three lights performing aerial moves.

Sometimes they are in a triangle formation (or attached to a triangular craft).  In other cases there are many orange lights grouped together and moving around in a tight formation.

September 15, 2012

International Tribunal Opened to Investigate Crimes of Church and State in Canada

Crimes of Church and State

Five cases are being brought against various churches and power centers in Canada and various churches and organizations by The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (website here) under Common Law.  Much evidence has been brought to bear against many powerful organizations as to their involvement in atrocities against Native Canadian peoples, primarily children.

Today, September 15, 2012, all parties involved in this legal action have been summoned.  They have until October 1, 2012 to respond to the summons in writing.  In the case of no response to an October 1 pre-trial conference, they will be tried in absentia.

Here is a partial list of the charges across these five cases:

  • Genocide under International Law
  • Criminal conspiracy to conquer, enslave, terrorize, and eradicate non christian nations and indigenous peoples.
  • Causing the death of at least 50,000 children in the residential schools alone.
  • Causing the death of hundreds of thousands of other native peoples.
  • Operating child trafficking and pedophile sex slavery networks.
  • Rape, torture and murder by clergy of catholic and protestant churches
  • Obstructing justice
  • Defrauding the public
  • Destruction of evidence including grave sites, documents, and human remains.
This is by no means a full list of the charges and you should read the full statement on the convening of the Common Law court (here).

The investigation into these crimes against humanity reach into the highest levels of the  catholic church and governments.

Who are some of the defendants in these massive legal proceedings?

  • The government of Canada and its officers
  • The roman catholic church (vatican) and its officers
  • The anglican church in Canada and its officers
  • The united church of Canada and its officers
  • The crown of England
  • The New England Company
  • The Six Nations Confederacy and its officers
This is a monstrous criminal conspiracy of the worst genocidal nature.  The court follows the "precedent of the Nuremburg Laws and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court".  Once these trials fully unravel, I have no doubt that it has the potential to be much larger than the post World War II Nuremburg trial.  

This is a massively important step in facing our past of a genocide committed against the Native Peoples of North and South America.  It demands that the light of our attention is shed on the proceedings.  Please read through the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State site here or read through the evidence here at: Hidden No Longer.  Please share this story widely online.  For some reason the mass media is silent here.  Wonder why??

September 14, 2012

A Plan for Successful Community Based Edible Landscapes

This is an excellent Ted Talk about a volunteer based movement called the Incredible Edible Todmorden Unlimited.  They grow edible landscapes across entire cities.  This can work anywhere.  Please check it out, share with your community, and start your own!

This is a completely volunteer based sustainable movement.  It is starting to pop up all over the world in hundreds of cities as more people learn about it.

In the past, communities have been forced to build these types of urban gardens out of necessity in difficult times.  Well, the planet is in difficult times now!  As we increasingly wake up, we know that it is time for each of us to take responsibility for the planet.

Some of the benefits I see of these common area gardens are:

  • Drop the prices of food for everyone.
  • Encourage a community based action which brings people together in partnership.
  • Raises the health of everyone as they all have a hand in their own organic food.  (Corporate food producers have never given a shit about your health.)

The idea of edible landscapes does not require excess beauracracy or money since this is spare land and volunteer based.  Everywhere this idea is mentioned, the interest and involvement explode.  The time is now to discuss this with your community and local planners.

The speaker encourages some of the points forward for making this work, based on their experience.

  • Encourage the local schools to join in, teach, and support these edible landscapes.
  • Make the food plants at the center of the city plan so that everyone walks by their own food every day.
  • Please stop putting wasteful prickly plants around buildings!

I like their motto: "If you eat, you're in!"  With droughts and increased global temperatures, the "extreme local food" movement seems a necessity.

Have a good one, and plant some food!

Mass UFO Sightings Reported from the Mainstream Media

This is a compilation of mainstream media coverage of different UFO sightings.  I think this should be the biggest news story every day, but we don't always get what we want.

It is a positive step forward that this is finally starting to show as the media responds to the people demanding some truth for once.  We all know that they are liars through and through.  That is at an end, not by their choosing, but by everyone pushing for disclosure.

The suppression of this information was never going to be a permanent thing.  How could it be with so many waking up to the fact that extraterrestrials are visiting our globe constantly?

I don't approach the UFO idea with fear (anymore).  That is what world leaders and other business interests would want.  When you let go of the fear and realize that if they were hostile, we would already be toast, the ET and UFO phenomenon becomes positive and wonderful.

I hope the media can keep this up and expand the truth telling into areas such as free energy and financial scandal arrests.  Their failures to the people are vast as they were always a corporate/state run entity.

Until (and after) they wise up after all these decades, I guess I will continue to share these stories the best way I am able.  We probably won't trust them again, though, for good reason.

Resources for Sustainable Living: SustainaWiki!

I found this awesome new site and had to post about it.  It is a wiki called SustainaWiki (found here).  The readers are allowed to add posts to it just like Wikipedia did in the beginning.

The SustainaWiki subject line describes themselves as:
"SustainaWiki is a wiki site designed with one thing in mind: offering information about sustainability to anyone who needs it!"
It is a rather new, but rapidly growing resource for finding how to guides, news and stories about the following topics:
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Home Improvement
  • Landscaping
  • Technology
  • Transportation
You can add your own topics and pages after you make a free account.  If you have something to share that is along the lines of being more sustainable, don't keep it a secret!

The sustainable movement has been exploding as we each face the responsibility that we cannot continue on as we have been.  We are all waking up and SustainaWiki looks like it is going to continue to grow quickly as a resource that we can all use and grow to clean up the planet.

Check out SustainaWiki here, learn and contribute if you can!

September 7, 2012

Lloyd Pye Lecture on Human Origins: Awesome!

Lloyd Pye has been researching human origins and alternate theories for more than 30 years.  The more I read the research on human history, the more I am inclined to believe that humans were created as workers by visiting extraterrestrials using genetic manipulation technologies.

I don't write that lightly and this stems from a great deal of reading myself.  This lecture may nudge you in that direction of thinking as well.

This lecture covered a variety of topics about human origins and different anomalies related to evolution of mankind.  Some of my favorite points that he covers are:

  • Any "missing link" that is now pushed would have to be a series of multiple skeletons.  We are too different from our supposed Earthly ancestors to require just one missing link.
  • Some of the differences between our hominoid ancestors and ourselves are: our bodies are much weaker, our gait (walking style) is incredibly inefficient for Earth, we have a fused chromosome which may suggest genetic modification, we have over 4000 genetic defects which evolution should have taken care of.  This is a tiny fraction of the facts that make established theory seem ridiculous to me.
  • Ancient Sumerian texts are very clear in stating that beings came from the stars and created humans as workers to mine gold.  This comes from the exhaustive work of the late Zechariah Sitchin who studied texts that were Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian and others.
The implications of these theories are vast and would lead to a re-writing of our entire history once accepted as fact.  Lloyd Pye refers to this as Intervention Theory.  He has a whole e-book which is worth checking out if you are brave enough to dive into this information.

One of the questions that arises is if we are a creation of extraterrestrials, what happened to the other hominoids that were used for genetic modification?  Some of the claims which Lloyd Pye successfully argues are the following:
  • The phenomenon of bigfoot, yeti, abominable snowman, etc. are actually living hominoids that are still evolving.  Their ancestors may be Almas and other upright walking primates.
  • These creatures may have been pushed out by us smarter genetically modified humans.  The bigfoot and others would have been able to handle any terrain, unlike us.  They would have pushed out to the most inhospitable wilderness such as deep forest and snowy mountains where we could not follow.  This is exactly where we find multiple reports of these hominoid like beings.
  • The reason we have not found remains of these creatures is that they live in places which do not allow skeletons or fossils.  Bodies are devoured very quickly.  Plus, we humans are physically unable to go into these places ourselves to find any remains.
When I began to study this stuff, it was incredibly difficult to believe.  After reading countless pages of research, these theories all link together to paint a completely different picture of human origins.  Now, I don't scoff when someone claims that, "Everything you know is wrong!"

September 6, 2012

Unprecedented Free Energy Technology Release by Keshe Foundation

I am going to write about this more in a few days, but I wanted to mention that the Keshe Foundation (here) has vowed to release their amazing plasma technology to the public.

This is a little video intro by Keshe and it seems like a good place to start.

It looks like there are hundreds of applications to this technology.  The Keshe website has many different departments listed such as: Energy, Environment, Nano and ICT, and Health.

I need to research this more, but it seems like a new understanding of the neutron and atom in general has been reached, which has released a kind of cold fusion reactor.  The principle is really simple and works, most importantly.

The implications of simple free energy technologies being released are vast.  It means every type of energy would become obsolete and a great flowering of freedom would sweep across the planet.

It is amazing to think that while this type of information has been touted for many years, the sheer number of different technologies and researchers has become overwhelming.  It finally does seem to be on the brink of happening.

Well, I wish the Keshe Foundation the best in their public release.  I know there are many powerful forces against them, but as this message spreads, so will your support.

Best RSS Feed Submission Sites: Free and Simple

Since I am submitting my RSS feed on a steady basis to different directories, I thought I would start a link back page just for that purpose.

Some of these RSS sites either require a link back, or will give you priority for a link.  I am just going to keep this feed post going and add to it as I find sites.

Since I am listing them on this page, you can assume that these are good, easy places to submit as of September 2012.  I never pay either, so you know that they are free as well.

And now the list of blog and RSS submission sites...

  1. 5z5, Society, Future: Free feed submissions.  Doesn't require link back.
  2. Globe of Blogs: Free RSS submission.  No link back required.
  3. BoingBoing: Submit the main URL of your blog.
  4. Blogz: Submit your main URL, a correct email is required for verification.
  5. Oobdoo: Submit your RSS and main URL.
  6. Blogarama: Make a free account and submit your main URL.

Submitting your RSS feed has questionable results, but I like to keep a steady stream of promotions for my blogs going.  It keeps up a nice flow of back links and that is always good for increasing traffic and search engine rankings for certain keywords.

It is a good idea to mix up promotions between submitting to directories, commenting in blogs and forums, social media sharing, guest posting, and a hundred other ways.  When you spread out your links, feeds and promotions, you are able to analyze what works for your blog or site and what doesn't.

Mayan Artifacts Depicting Space Travel and ETs

These Mayan UFO artifacts are absolutely mind blowing to me.  These are thousands of artifacts, discs, and clay objects that have been recovered from pyramids in Latin America.  They paint a very explicit tale of space travel and visitors from other worlds.  Are you brave enough to open your mind?

Many depictions are of beings which seem to be wearing a suit of some kind.  This would make sense if they are space travelers.  It would not make much sense that they are able to breathe in our atmosphere.

Mayan ET UFO Artifact
Actual Mayan Artifact Depiction
Other clay discs seem to show a vivid scene of space travel and actions in space.  One of my favorites is the depiction of craft exiting from our sun as if it is being used as a stargate.  One tablet/disc shows a cut out of the interior of a spacecraft.

It shows the being inside of it laying down as if resting or hibernating.  It looks to be wearing a masc and possibly be scaly.  Could this be the reptilian types that are widely talked about?  Who knows!  It is fun to speculate and let the imagination run wild.

A few other depictions show odd faces.  They are very similar to the common gray alien archetype with large, almond eyes and small mouth.  When you take that depiction along with the amazing DNA evidence that is coming out about the Starchild Skull found in Mexico, the proof of visitation and past interaction becomes very convincing to me.

On a slight tangent, here is the latest on the Starchild Skull, which is about 900 years old and was found in a cave in Mexico next to a human female skeleton.

One of the UFO crafts in the depictions seems to be using some sort of energy beam to deflect and move an asteroid.  Were these ETs helping the Earth?  Were they directing the asteroid as a weapon?  It is tough to know until ALL of the rest of the Mayan artifacts are released and more secrets are exposed.

The Mexican government has been rumored to be getting ready for a large release of these ET and Mayan artifacts.  The new UFO documentary Sirius will probably contain many of these precious finds as well.

If we take into account all of the news that is coming out about UFOs, aliens, the Space Family, and disclosure, it seems to be that we are on a vastly accelerated path to more open recognition of the secrets surrounding ETs.

Worldwide UFO sightings are on the rise, governments such as Britain are releasing their UFO files, and interest in the topic of extraterrestrials is exploding.  To me, we are in the midst of UFO and ET disclosure.  It is logical that this had to be a slow process to limit panic.

There are still powerful groups who do not want this information released, but the human race is crying out for the truth and we will have it as more brave souls come out to tell the truth.  We are not alone.  There are hundreds of thousands of civilizations in this galaxy alone.  Consciousness is Universal.

Once we become peaceful as a planet, we will be able to finally have open large scale contact.  The very fact that our Earth has not been openly attacked is proof that these ETs and UFOs are benevolent and want us to join them as another space faring civilization in peace.

The break out of these ancient Mayan artifacts are a big leap forward, but must be shared far and wide across the Internet.  Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are a great place to do it!  The story won't be told by the mainstream, corporate, state run media, so we share it with each other.  Will you help out?

Best UFO Sightings of August 2012

I am catching up on my UFO sightings videos today, and passing along the best ones that I find.  In my infinite laziness, I am glad that I found this compilation where the recent ones are all in one place.

These are some of the best UFOs caught on video from around the world. It covers all of the UFO sightings from August 2012.

I think my favorite one from this UFO compilation is at minute 3:00.  The backdrop is a night sky.  The UFO raises vertically through the frame then stops mid air.  It then makes a 90 degree turn to the left.

I have lost all patience for people and "experts" who try to explain this away to some terrestrial phenomenon.  Just my opinion, though.  Everyone has the right to be in denial or in their tunnel vision view of the world and Universe!  Have a good one.

UFO Sighting on KTLA Broadcast Aug 19 2012

This is a really cool UFO sighting from a KTLA news broadcast on August 19, 2012.

Some interesting notes about this video off the top of my head are:
  • This is a video feed that the news anchor sees all the time, so he knows what is supposed to be there and what it not.
  • These UFO lights are very common lately.  The pattern of three lights are being seen all over the globe.  Sometimes they come together as one light and disappear from sight.
  • The news anchor seems to know what he is looking at when he says, "I'm hoping those are just airplanes".  He doesn't sound very convinced!
It seems to be that not only are the global UFO sightings on the rise in a big way, but they are appearing where it is easy for a large amount of people to see them.

If some of them are not from this world, it would make sense that they would know where to be for the maximum exposure.  This is one of the exciting possibilities.

There are vast implications of the UFO sightings increasing on a world scale.  What are they trying to tell us?  What is this leading towards?  Open contacts?  Maybe more importantly, what are they trying to tell or force world leaders to do?  Open their UFO files maybe?

I get excited every time I think about the near future and UFOs.  We may be in for a hell of a ride as more contact from the Space Family occurs.  Peace and optimism seem to be the logical way to approach this issue.

September 5, 2012

UFO Sighting: 3 Lights Converge and Disappear in England

This is one of my favorite new UFO videos from August 2012.  It was taken in England:

The UFO phenomenon is rapidly accelerating in 2012.  Sightings like these are becoming very common across the globe.  I used to be able to easily keep up with the new ones, but it has become hopelessly difficult.

Different UFOs of every size and shape are appearing (and disappearing) all over the globe.  This one is special to me because the lights merge rapidly and disappear in a blink.  There is still some light in that shot, so we can see them very well.

As we wake up further to the fact that we are being interacted with by extraterrestrial craft, these sightings will continue to grow.  Could it be a signal to the governments of the world that it is time to come out with their secrets?

Apollo 11 Was Observed by UFO

This is a cool little video clip and interview of Buzz Aldrin.  During the Apollo 11 mission, the astronauts began to ask where the late stage rocket was.

The rocket was the one that separated from the shuttle a couple of days ago.  They were asking about this position because they saw something outside which was tracking along with them in space.  When the answer came back that their old rocket was 6000 miles away, they felt that they were looking at some other object.

Buzz Aldrin describes it as being ellipses from one perspective and L shaped from a different view.  Several space missions from before reported seeing objects that were not explained.  The Apollo 11 astronauts never mentioned the UFO over the radio because they did not want to cause a panic.

The UFO has never been identified or even officially acknowledged.

September 4, 2012

Open Mindedness, Collective and Expanded Consciousness

Being open minded, to me, goes hand in hand with expanded consciousness.  When you open your mind to possibilities that you never considered before, you take a step towards freeing your mind.  Most of your opinions were fed to you without you thinking about it.

For all of our lives, we are bombarded with ego inflating images and videos.  Advertisers want you thinking you are not good enough and

September 3, 2012

Introducing the New UFO Documentary: Sirius

It seems that the UFO issue is coming to a head with sightings on the rise all over the world.  Governments around the world are releasing their UFO files and this is becoming more common as time goes by.  This seems to be the most logical way that UFO disclosure would happen.  The reality of this issue must be faced by all, though it may be very difficult.

Dr. Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project has dedicated his life to pushing for the full release of all information about aliens by world governments.  His latest film, called Sirius, is going to be the largest release of UFO information and testimony to date.

What makes this UFO documentary so significant is that Dr. Greer has teamed up with award winning film maker Amardeep Kaleka.  The most important story in the history of the world, couple with the professional quality of this documentary makes it one of the most exciting films that I have ever wanted to see.

Sirius is sure to cover all of the ideas that The Disclosure Project covers, such as:

  • Earth has been visited and is being actively visited and monitored by benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations.
  • There are multiple black projects hiding behind certain corporations which are in possession of alien technology.  For decades, this technology has been reverse engineered and understood.
  • There are free energy and propulsion technologies which will bring about world peace, space travel, health and abundance for all.  It is the power structures which keep humanity from knowing the truth.
The Sirius UFO documentary looks like it will be one of the most important films of all time.  It is completely crowd funded since there are no large groups who are brave enough to help fund this vital project.  The good news is that so far, nearly $300,000 has been donated by the public.  This was plenty to get it funded on Kickstarter and the fundraising continues!

It is time that we all wake up to the fact that we are part of one whole in this Universe.  When we understand that Earth is but one of a countless number of inhabited planets, it brings us into a much more humble state where peace and partnership become the new ways forward as a human race.

Maybe once we become globally peaceful, we will be allowed to join our space family.  I can't think of a more important goal that we can each focus on, and strive towards.