September 6, 2012

Unprecedented Free Energy Technology Release by Keshe Foundation

I am going to write about this more in a few days, but I wanted to mention that the Keshe Foundation (here) has vowed to release their amazing plasma technology to the public.

This is a little video intro by Keshe and it seems like a good place to start.

It looks like there are hundreds of applications to this technology.  The Keshe website has many different departments listed such as: Energy, Environment, Nano and ICT, and Health.

I need to research this more, but it seems like a new understanding of the neutron and atom in general has been reached, which has released a kind of cold fusion reactor.  The principle is really simple and works, most importantly.

The implications of simple free energy technologies being released are vast.  It means every type of energy would become obsolete and a great flowering of freedom would sweep across the planet.

It is amazing to think that while this type of information has been touted for many years, the sheer number of different technologies and researchers has become overwhelming.  It finally does seem to be on the brink of happening.

Well, I wish the Keshe Foundation the best in their public release.  I know there are many powerful forces against them, but as this message spreads, so will your support.

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