September 7, 2012

Lloyd Pye Lecture on Human Origins: Awesome!

Lloyd Pye has been researching human origins and alternate theories for more than 30 years.  The more I read the research on human history, the more I am inclined to believe that humans were created as workers by visiting extraterrestrials using genetic manipulation technologies.

I don't write that lightly and this stems from a great deal of reading myself.  This lecture may nudge you in that direction of thinking as well.

This lecture covered a variety of topics about human origins and different anomalies related to evolution of mankind.  Some of my favorite points that he covers are:

  • Any "missing link" that is now pushed would have to be a series of multiple skeletons.  We are too different from our supposed Earthly ancestors to require just one missing link.
  • Some of the differences between our hominoid ancestors and ourselves are: our bodies are much weaker, our gait (walking style) is incredibly inefficient for Earth, we have a fused chromosome which may suggest genetic modification, we have over 4000 genetic defects which evolution should have taken care of.  This is a tiny fraction of the facts that make established theory seem ridiculous to me.
  • Ancient Sumerian texts are very clear in stating that beings came from the stars and created humans as workers to mine gold.  This comes from the exhaustive work of the late Zechariah Sitchin who studied texts that were Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian and others.
The implications of these theories are vast and would lead to a re-writing of our entire history once accepted as fact.  Lloyd Pye refers to this as Intervention Theory.  He has a whole e-book which is worth checking out if you are brave enough to dive into this information.

One of the questions that arises is if we are a creation of extraterrestrials, what happened to the other hominoids that were used for genetic modification?  Some of the claims which Lloyd Pye successfully argues are the following:
  • The phenomenon of bigfoot, yeti, abominable snowman, etc. are actually living hominoids that are still evolving.  Their ancestors may be Almas and other upright walking primates.
  • These creatures may have been pushed out by us smarter genetically modified humans.  The bigfoot and others would have been able to handle any terrain, unlike us.  They would have pushed out to the most inhospitable wilderness such as deep forest and snowy mountains where we could not follow.  This is exactly where we find multiple reports of these hominoid like beings.
  • The reason we have not found remains of these creatures is that they live in places which do not allow skeletons or fossils.  Bodies are devoured very quickly.  Plus, we humans are physically unable to go into these places ourselves to find any remains.
When I began to study this stuff, it was incredibly difficult to believe.  After reading countless pages of research, these theories all link together to paint a completely different picture of human origins.  Now, I don't scoff when someone claims that, "Everything you know is wrong!"
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