September 4, 2012

Open Mindedness, Collective and Expanded Consciousness

Being open minded, to me, goes hand in hand with expanded consciousness.  When you open your mind to possibilities that you never considered before, you take a step towards freeing your mind.  Most of your opinions were fed to you without you thinking about it.

For all of our lives, we are bombarded with ego inflating images and videos.  Advertisers want you thinking you are not good enough and
need to buy their products.  Leaders want us all thinking alike so that we can be controlled.  Lies compounded on lies have been the order of the day.

This is collapsing completely now, I am happy to write.  There is nothing that anyone can do to reverse it either.  The global protests continue in spectacular fashion as the people open their minds and expand their consciousness to new ways of moving forward as a group consciousness.  With the fact that we are all part of one Universal consciousness, this may not be a completely correct statement.

If the total sum of consciousness is one in this Universe, we are not really expanding consciousness, merely releasing into the fact of this oneness.  When we realize that it has been mathematically proven that we are all part of one, wars and hurting others become absurd.  (Why are you hitting yourself?!)

We are all looking around and seeing that violence, hatred, and competition has driven our planet and socieities to the brink of destruction.  If that is the case, doens't it make sense that to save our planet and our children is to reverse course?  What is the opposite of these things?

Partnership, living within our means, and taking care of each other seem to be the logical ways forward.  The masses are demanding this now through their actions.

The people are demanding thier freedom and it grows by the day.  We are all coming to realize that we are not nations against nations or religions against religions.  These separations have been concocted by power centers.  Those are the real enemies of peace.

Every time that we open our thoughts to new perspectives, we inch closer to realizing a peaceful globe.  Each one peaceful, forgiving thought is a part of, and affects, the collective conscious in a positive way.

We are waking up by the millions.  The stories coming out about the take down of financial scandals is one of the most heartening of these stories.  Governments continue to release UFO documents.  Free energy releases are coming very soon.  A massive tide of change is sweeping Mother Earth and I am glad that I am here to be a part of that.
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