September 23, 2012

Sirius Documentary Update from Dr. Greer and Amardeep Kaleka

This latest update on the Sirius ET documentary is packed with new details and a great positive message from a World Puja Network talk by Dr. Greer and film maker Amardeep Kaleka.

Some of the points that Dr. Greer and Mr. Kaleka cover in this latest update are:

  • Amardeep Kaleka addresses the murder of his father at the Sikh Temple.  He says that this was a senseless act by a member of a racist group and not related to Sirius in any way.
  • Dr. Greer talks a little about the Extraterrestrial Biological Entity that they are going to investigate further.  They may include add this to the film after more investigation.  He does not disclose where the body is, but covers the testing that they are performing including MRI, genetics, and others.  He also mentions the skull that is in the possession of Lloyd Pye.  It is unclear at this point, but that skull may be included in Sirius.
  • One of my favorite topics, consciousness technology, is discussed at length as well.  This is related to machines, energy, and communications which interact with thoughts.  This technology has been fully developed in black projects around the world and once fully released, it will usher in a new age which will make the past century seem like caveman times.
The Sirius team is insanely hard at work to release this information to the public, so please show your support by sharing their videos around the web, donate a little money here and tell your friends about this most important film.  Have a good one.
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