September 14, 2012

Resources for Sustainable Living: SustainaWiki!

I found this awesome new site and had to post about it.  It is a wiki called SustainaWiki (found here).  The readers are allowed to add posts to it just like Wikipedia did in the beginning.

The SustainaWiki subject line describes themselves as:
"SustainaWiki is a wiki site designed with one thing in mind: offering information about sustainability to anyone who needs it!"
It is a rather new, but rapidly growing resource for finding how to guides, news and stories about the following topics:
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Home Improvement
  • Landscaping
  • Technology
  • Transportation
You can add your own topics and pages after you make a free account.  If you have something to share that is along the lines of being more sustainable, don't keep it a secret!

The sustainable movement has been exploding as we each face the responsibility that we cannot continue on as we have been.  We are all waking up and SustainaWiki looks like it is going to continue to grow quickly as a resource that we can all use and grow to clean up the planet.

Check out SustainaWiki here, learn and contribute if you can!
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