September 5, 2012

UFO Sighting: 3 Lights Converge and Disappear in England

This is one of my favorite new UFO videos from August 2012.  It was taken in England:

The UFO phenomenon is rapidly accelerating in 2012.  Sightings like these are becoming very common across the globe.  I used to be able to easily keep up with the new ones, but it has become hopelessly difficult.

Different UFOs of every size and shape are appearing (and disappearing) all over the globe.  This one is special to me because the lights merge rapidly and disappear in a blink.  There is still some light in that shot, so we can see them very well.

As we wake up further to the fact that we are being interacted with by extraterrestrial craft, these sightings will continue to grow.  Could it be a signal to the governments of the world that it is time to come out with their secrets?
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