October 13, 2012

Update on Dr. Greer's Possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity

Incredible New Research by Dr. Steven Greer and his Team

I just listened to Dr. Steven Greer talk about the possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) that they his group is studying.  This was on the World Puja Network.  The body is about six inches in length and incredibly well preserved.

Here are some of the amazing details.

  • It is clearly a biological specimen that is not a hoax.
  • The EBE does not seem to be any type of primate, monkey or hominoid.
  • Geneticists and doctors do not believe that it is a result of human genetics or any type of abnormality.
  • The calsification and bone formation show that this is absolutely not an aborted or stillborn fetus. This is the opinion of a Radiologist with the highest levels of training and experience.
  • It is a small body and dried out which is perfect for a detailed CAT scan.  This was looked at by multiple doctors and they could see the internal organs.
The genetics studies are the next step in the investigation of this possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.  It is going to compare the genetics of humans with the genetics of this being.  Some ribs were removed for this genetic study.

I am amazed by the speed at which Dr. Greer and his team have begun their studies into this being.  I think they only announced the entity about a month ago, so this is incredible progress.  They have obviously been working their asses off to bring the world the truth that we all deserve.

They are speeding along the study of this entity so that it can be included in the UFO, ET, free energy documentary called Sirius (check it out here).  If you feel this information is important for the world, consider donating a bit of money to the movie at their site so that this study can be advanced more quickly.
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