July 23, 2013

Keiser Report: Bankers' Brain Cells (E472)

I love Max Keiser.  He is so truthful, logical, and a wonderful maniac.  Here are the topics from this episode:
  • Quantitative Easing as a rate rigging Ponzi scheme.
  • The fact that bankers get paid to lend money and people taking loans are penalized with ridiculous rates.
  • Very specific parts of David Cameron lying for the bankers who are his pay master.
  • Bank of England crimes after QE 2.
  • Examples of the Madoff Ponzi scheme
  • The literal insolvency of the entire global banking system.  Their liabilities are at the very minimum leveraged 50 times to the absurd derivatives market.
  • This is why there is a global peoples' revolution.

July 13, 2013

Am I Giggling at Myself?

I just fell into a giggling fit over something stupid and started thinking about the phrase "laughing at myself".  That changed my giggling to pondering.

So I wrote a small poem which really doesn't help or explain anything.

Enjoy...or, not...

Am I giggling to myself?
Am I giggling at myself?

How can I giggle at or to myself when all is one?
Self is one with all.

Ah, self is giggling.  That's more like it.
Just giggling is better without semantics

Have a good one and when you're down, think about a giggling fit you had.  The more stupid, the better.

July 11, 2013

Exploring Tunnels UNDER Egypt's Giza Plateau - Video

A Massive Ancient Canal System

This is an incredible tour of the Giza plateau between the Sphinx and the middle pyramid.  It is an intricate system of water channels that lead to the pyramids.

Most people work from the assumption that the pyramids are dynastic.  They see all of the ruins through this false lens.

In realistic studies, though, we must let the evidence guide our theories.  It is amateur and irresponsible to assume anything about ancient sites.

This video clearly shows that there are at least three levels of building on top of the massive and perfect channel construction.  It also aligns well with the work of the Engineer Chris Dunn.

Are These Huge Giza Power Plants?

The pyramids are built to machine precision and appear to have been used as a power structure or generator.  The inner chambers are made to resonate perfectly.  it seems that the supply of power was from these giant water canals.

I believe this is the work of an ancient lost civilization as Graham Hancock and others suggest.  There are too many anomalies and mainstream explanations come up so lame and childish.

The rocks are too big and well cut for us to construct the pyramids and channels today.  The water erosion around the Sphinx shows that rain must have fallen on it for thousands of years.  This is the opinion of geologists.  This suggests at least an age of 10,000 to 12,000 years old and probably far older.

Over these past couple of years, I have come to see mainstream Egyptologist opinion as complete cartoon fantasy.  I don't even reference or look at their studies anymore since it is such a waste of time.

They work from assumptions and self censored narratives.  They do history and humanity an amazing injustice as they help to blind the people to our true origins and ancient past.

July 2, 2013

Adyashanti: The Experience of No Self (Video Clip)

Adyashanti is great as a spiritual teacher.  I thought I would share this quick clip from my subscriptions feed.

Here are some of my favorite points from this brilliant quick talk.
  • Emptiness means no self in the center.
  • The self always keep to the center.  "I want this, I want that."
  • It is very tough for us in this society to think of us as anything but a self.  All seeking is still self seeking.
  • To see the absence of self opens the door to experience the absence of self.  This is liberation, or leads to liberation from sense of self.

Latest UFO Activity Around the Sun: Jul 1, 2013

I have always been fascinated by these gigantic UFOs around our sun. Some of them seem to come out of our star and siphon energy (maybe refueling, who knows!?).  Most of the time, these images are doctored later by NASA.

I think that adds an aura of legitimacy to them.  I hope some day we will all know the truth about this stuff.  It is going to change our entire world for good.

Maybe Snowden and Glenn Greenwald will tell us!  Have a good one.  Stay cool.