April 10, 2014

Incredible Mark Passio Interview Obliterates the New Age Movement!

I just stumbled onto this interview with Mark Passio.  He is an incredible speaker working to change the world and the minds of all us slaves.  Check it out if you are into the "New Cage" movement.  It is time to take personal responsibility:

True spirituality is taking responsibility for ourselves, our actions, our communities and the condition of our species.

April 9, 2014

A Few Quotes and Metaphors for a Full Spiritual Awakening

Misty Mountain River
As my own awakening progresses, the emptiness I have realized about "myself" is pervading my new experience more fully.  It continues to be more consistently in my awareness.  What I used to consider as the labels that comprised me are simply fading away.

Before, my thoughts would be constantly recycling and renewing into new concepts of "who I am".  The great fights, thoughts, and clever tricks my identity used to play are simply wearing out, I guess.  Enough is enough as the inner silence becomes more prevalent and dominant in my constant experience.

A couple years ago, I guess I just hit the point of complete exhaustion with my self torturing thoughts, doubts, and regrets.  This arose from my eight years being indoctrinated in the military and going to Iraq twice as a Hospital Corpsman.  Talk about deeply embedded thought identities!

I didn't know it at the time, but looking back on early 2011 through 2012, a full awakening was really the only option.  In a way, this awakening process has been a slow motion ego suicide away from duality.  I was always curious where this process would take me.

Sure, I still have a personality, but this liberation into the presence of the here now has freed up an ocean of energy and interest in the world that I used to see as a grey and hopeless place.  As I drift away from thoughts about the past or future, the expansive miracles of the world explode into my awareness.  From the smallest mushrooms to the expanse of the countless galaxies, my experience is now an incredible one.

As my self torturing word thoughts go away, the world around me becomes less described, labelled and categorized with English words.  Now it seems that all scenery and interactions exist as an unfolding interactive piece of art.  It becomes a calm flowing of events.

My appreciation for my own past self's efforts to release my torture grows by the day as well.  You should take a moment to appreciate any suffering that your past self has negotiated successfully.  Don't be so hard on yourself if you still feel stuck in misery.

The awakening, or liberation process can only be done by you.  It can be as easy or difficult as you wish.  If you feel stuck, try something new.  Look on Youtube for new spiritual teachers.  Do anything to convince youself that this is an easy process, because it is.  Be aware that it is perfectly fine to be on this path of awakening.  I am fine as I have been crapped out the end of it!  If I can navigate this process, you definitely can too!

I hear spiritual teachers talk often about "an invitation".   In that spirit, I invite all of you reading this to look out at the world as it is.  Without words, without labels or categories, without bias towards anything.

The Taoist Chuang Tzu said, "Show me the person who has forgotten words.  That is the one I wish to talk to!"  In this release, we can feel the unified field of consciousness which unfolds around and within everything.

I often read about awakening leading to a flowering of consciousness or an opening of the heart.  This was my experience early in the process, but now there is a great return to the here now personal awareness.  The balance of inside and outside will come if you choose to feel into it.

The process is a continuing release of self labels and labels about anything or anyone else.  As we open to this new way of being, the outer world and inner "you" melt into a peaceful space.

I like to say that my "word thoughts" are going away completely.  This is like traveling through a cave of awakening.  At first, we have a small tunnel vision.

As I enter the still, open, and empty part of this cave, the echoes of my thoughts are becoming fainter and fainter.  I don't even pay attention to them anymore.  Releasing becomes much easier.  The cave fades away altogether into present awareness.  The cave and the mountain are one with each other.  They are part of each other.

Realizing and believing the complete energetic unity in all things was only an early step.  The release of all layers of the former me continues on.  I believe it was a Zen quote I saw that went something like, "I don't wish to die until I am annihilated."  That's one of my favorites, especially now that I see the annihilation gives way to an equalness about all things and beings.

These layers of former me are simply learned and ingrained beliefs about the "me".  They were taught and instilled.  I allowed it, I now realize, and that was fine.  No big deal.  It is as though the myriad thoughts of my life had programmed my body and consciousness to create this "me".  This me seemed like it existed only to judge and suffer.

There was really nothing wrong with this.  That experience increases the wonder of the awakening.  It's like waking up from a terrible nightmare and all of a sudden real world problems are a comparative joke.

I didn't know there was another way of being until I was flung onto the spiritual path.  I never really intended to wake up and didn't know what that meant until the process was well under way.

Adyashanti likes to say that a true spiritual awakening if fueled by a complete love and dedication to the search of truth.  Looking back over the past couple of years, this was my own fuel.  The truth is that when we empty ourselves of the labels and categories of "me", we find unity in our shared, pervasive emptiness.

The biggest hurdle may be convincing yourself that it is easy and that you deserve it.  It is and you do!

March 12, 2014

Can There Exist True Human Nature?

Is there a such thing as human nature?

Or are there only actions and reactions that we are taught throughout our lives?  Is it human nature to ask such questions?

Is human nature a term that allows us to be separate from our own actions.  Is it the ultimate excuse to not take responsibility for ourselves?

Perhaps our thoughts and beliefs are so strong that they become our true nature.  We can change with constant application and learning.  Doesn't this erase the idea of a pervasive human nature?

We are still not sure where we come from as a species, so I can't even provide a reasonable description of a human.  How then can I talk about human nature?

The nature of everything is to change, so why enslave ourselves in this rigidity?

I would suggest that we have no true nature.  We act differently all the time.  We are different when we are sick, when we are rested, when we are tired or hungry.

The list of variables that guide our actions is endless.  Doesn't true nature simply mean "how we regularly act"?

Well, we don't regularly act.  Our friends and family may have perceptions, categories, and assumptions about how we SHOULD, or USUALLY do act, but this has no application in reality, especially as we wake up.

True human nature requires a common human description.  But, we are all as different as the myriad stars.

March 10, 2014

Describing My Future Spaceship JBro Collective!

My spaceship would start out being able to carry about 200 people.  It would interface with all of our minds.

It would have vast garden areas.  The entire ship would be able to transform with a mind interface.  It would be a direct co-creation done with these interesting technologies that we will have available to us.

JBro Spaceship Collective

It would be set up kind of like a cruise ship.  It would have about six levels with lots of open areas in the middle.  There would be a ton of sections growing food.  That would be a main job that everybody did.

People would trade their vegetables, coffee, tea, marijuana, wine, beer, or whatever they made.

We would all tend this collective ship garden.  It would have its own kind  of tropical atmosphere.  We could all just garden and meet for different projects to take care of.  The ship would be moving to parts of the planet that needed help.

We would have a giant antigravity system on it.  So we could go anywhere on the planet in 20 minutes.  We could kind of warp there.

We could have a large water carrying capacity and could make lakes in places quickly.

We would have attached buildier ships.  Kind of like the Carrier of the Protoss in Starcraft.  We could easily have these smaller craft building everything like roads, bridges, and towns.

It would just be antigravity technology.


January 13, 2014

An Easy Thought Exercise to Be More Fully Present in the Here Now

Flowing River Waterfall
Some of the greatest problems that we encounter in our spiritual, or consciousness expanding journey, is the release of the importance of our day to day torments.

We are worried about future events.  We are regretful or horrified of our own past actions.  It is like violently smearing our attention and ourselves into the past and future.

What purpose does this serve?  We can only limit this when we are aware of what we are doing.  So, now you are aware!

Our suffering is often an aspect of worry having to do with time.  In other words, we are not being present in the moment.  I like to refer to it as the here now because space and time are one.  All is one, inter-connected and inter-twined.

We very capable of finding infinite ways of torturing ourselves in the present time as well.  This occurs when we are not being present in space.

In our social interactions we may be constantly worried about what others think.  We may be constantly judging others without consciously realizing it.  To fix this, we must first become aware of all of these tendencies too.

When we are trapped in thoughts, desires, and judgement, it is like being trapped in the minds of those around us.  Isn't that a fun way to torture ourselves further?

When we are controlled by our thoughts, we bounce around from being miserable about the past or present to being miserable about the perceived "others" that are present in time.

As we wake up more fully and release into the holistic here now, we simply allow ourselves to perceive and be perceived.  We interact from a place of no center, only awareness.

I very much disagree with the teachers and leaders who teach that we must find and keep to our centers.

All points are connected, so you will never find a center.  Instead, it can be seen as a flow of your own awareness and action.  Taosist texts teach that everything arises as it must.  Let it arise.

Of course, we may need an exercise or practice to help us step back from this self awareness smearing.  Here is one that helps me to be more open and relaxed in the here now.

Think about this.  Will you have any of these perceived problems that we think are problems when we die?

If you were dead tomorrow, what would you be worried about in this life?  If you were dead, would you be worried about your job, your boss, or your co workers?

Would you be afraid that your significant other is cheating on you?  Would you be obsessed about death if you are dead?  It seems more likely that you would be released from these worthless points of focused worry.

This is a good set of ideas to keep with you when your problems begin to overwhelm you.  I like the phrase, "the sweet release of death".

Along the lines of this, fully awakening means dying while maintaining your body.  All issues in the physical realm lose their importance.  You become care free.  As your stress leaves you, your health returns.

Old pains and aches melt away.  You feel light and loose.  There is no such thing as a problem to you any more, only what arises in your here now.  Calmly deal with it from a place of no center where much information is available.

January 7, 2014

Paul Stamets Incredible Talk About Mushrooms Through History

Check out this talk from Paul Stamets about mushrooms throughout our shared history.  Please share since this information applies to all humans everywhere.

A great walk around the history of mushrooms and humans.  They follow densely along our trails so that we all share the spore mass.

All plants are part fungi.  It is all a massive symbiotic relationship.  It always has been.  Please study and share information about mushrooms and fungi.

By learning about and pairing with fungi, we can easily rebuild and regreen our planet in a way that is enhoyable.