January 13, 2014

An Easy Thought Exercise to Be More Fully Present in the Here Now

Flowing River Waterfall
Some of the greatest problems that we encounter in our spiritual, or consciousness expanding journey, is the release of the importance of our day to day torments.

We are worried about future events.  We are regretful or horrified of our own past actions.  It is like violently smearing our attention and ourselves into the past and future.

What purpose does this serve?  We can only limit this when we are aware of what we are doing.  So, now you are aware!

Our suffering is often an aspect of worry having to do with time.  In other words, we are not being present in the moment.  I like to refer to it as the here now because space and time are one.  All is one, inter-connected and inter-twined.

We very capable of finding infinite ways of torturing ourselves in the present time as well.  This occurs when we are not being present in space.

In our social interactions we may be constantly worried about what others think.  We may be constantly judging others without consciously realizing it.  To fix this, we must first become aware of all of these tendencies too.

When we are trapped in thoughts, desires, and judgement, it is like being trapped in the minds of those around us.  Isn't that a fun way to torture ourselves further?

When we are controlled by our thoughts, we bounce around from being miserable about the past or present to being miserable about the perceived "others" that are present in time.

As we wake up more fully and release into the holistic here now, we simply allow ourselves to perceive and be perceived.  We interact from a place of no center, only awareness.

I very much disagree with the teachers and leaders who teach that we must find and keep to our centers.

All points are connected, so you will never find a center.  Instead, it can be seen as a flow of your own awareness and action.  Taosist texts teach that everything arises as it must.  Let it arise.

Of course, we may need an exercise or practice to help us step back from this self awareness smearing.  Here is one that helps me to be more open and relaxed in the here now.

Think about this.  Will you have any of these perceived problems that we think are problems when we die?

If you were dead tomorrow, what would you be worried about in this life?  If you were dead, would you be worried about your job, your boss, or your co workers?

Would you be afraid that your significant other is cheating on you?  Would you be obsessed about death if you are dead?  It seems more likely that you would be released from these worthless points of focused worry.

This is a good set of ideas to keep with you when your problems begin to overwhelm you.  I like the phrase, "the sweet release of death".

Along the lines of this, fully awakening means dying while maintaining your body.  All issues in the physical realm lose their importance.  You become care free.  As your stress leaves you, your health returns.

Old pains and aches melt away.  You feel light and loose.  There is no such thing as a problem to you any more, only what arises in your here now.  Calmly deal with it from a place of no center where much information is available.
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