March 12, 2014

Can There Exist True Human Nature?

Is there a such thing as human nature?

Or are there only actions and reactions that we are taught throughout our lives?  Is it human nature to ask such questions?

Is human nature a term that allows us to be separate from our own actions.  Is it the ultimate excuse to not take responsibility for ourselves?

Perhaps our thoughts and beliefs are so strong that they become our true nature.  We can change with constant application and learning.  Doesn't this erase the idea of a pervasive human nature?

We are still not sure where we come from as a species, so I can't even provide a reasonable description of a human.  How then can I talk about human nature?

The nature of everything is to change, so why enslave ourselves in this rigidity?

I would suggest that we have no true nature.  We act differently all the time.  We are different when we are sick, when we are rested, when we are tired or hungry.

The list of variables that guide our actions is endless.  Doesn't true nature simply mean "how we regularly act"?

Well, we don't regularly act.  Our friends and family may have perceptions, categories, and assumptions about how we SHOULD, or USUALLY do act, but this has no application in reality, especially as we wake up.

True human nature requires a common human description.  But, we are all as different as the myriad stars.

March 10, 2014

Describing My Future Spaceship JBro Collective!

My spaceship would start out being able to carry about 200 people.  It would interface with all of our minds.

It would have vast garden areas.  The entire ship would be able to transform with a mind interface.  It would be a direct co-creation done with these interesting technologies that we will have available to us.

JBro Spaceship Collective

It would be set up kind of like a cruise ship.  It would have about six levels with lots of open areas in the middle.  There would be a ton of sections growing food.  That would be a main job that everybody did.

People would trade their vegetables, coffee, tea, marijuana, wine, beer, or whatever they made.

We would all tend this collective ship garden.  It would have its own kind  of tropical atmosphere.  We could all just garden and meet for different projects to take care of.  The ship would be moving to parts of the planet that needed help.

We would have a giant antigravity system on it.  So we could go anywhere on the planet in 20 minutes.  We could kind of warp there.

We could have a large water carrying capacity and could make lakes in places quickly.

We would have attached buildier ships.  Kind of like the Carrier of the Protoss in Starcraft.  We could easily have these smaller craft building everything like roads, bridges, and towns.

It would just be antigravity technology.