September 17, 2012

Spectacular UFO Videos from February 2012: Wide Variety

Weather Balloon Made of Swamp Gas??
This is an excellent video collection taken of UFOs throughout February, 2012.  An amazing increase in UFO sightings across the world has been taking place as we start this decade.

I really like this group of UFOs because they are so diverse.  Some show objects which appear as consciously controlled asteroids.  Others are pulsating and stationary, multicolored flying objects.

All of these UFO videos are labelled with their date and location.  Whoever made this compilation did a very good job, so show them some love by sharing across your social networks like Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

Many people are still unaware that these UFO sightings are rapidly increasing across the world.  It helps everyone to share and wake others up to this fact.  It seems like it is going to culminate in something very major for this planet.  Who knows?

Maybe our global consciousness is raising enough where open contact can become possible in the near future.  This is one of the main reasons why I have had such an obsession with UFOs lately.  The more I study, the more excited I get!
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