September 14, 2012

A Plan for Successful Community Based Edible Landscapes

This is an excellent Ted Talk about a volunteer based movement called the Incredible Edible Todmorden Unlimited.  They grow edible landscapes across entire cities.  This can work anywhere.  Please check it out, share with your community, and start your own!

This is a completely volunteer based sustainable movement.  It is starting to pop up all over the world in hundreds of cities as more people learn about it.

In the past, communities have been forced to build these types of urban gardens out of necessity in difficult times.  Well, the planet is in difficult times now!  As we increasingly wake up, we know that it is time for each of us to take responsibility for the planet.

Some of the benefits I see of these common area gardens are:

  • Drop the prices of food for everyone.
  • Encourage a community based action which brings people together in partnership.
  • Raises the health of everyone as they all have a hand in their own organic food.  (Corporate food producers have never given a shit about your health.)

The idea of edible landscapes does not require excess beauracracy or money since this is spare land and volunteer based.  Everywhere this idea is mentioned, the interest and involvement explode.  The time is now to discuss this with your community and local planners.

The speaker encourages some of the points forward for making this work, based on their experience.

  • Encourage the local schools to join in, teach, and support these edible landscapes.
  • Make the food plants at the center of the city plan so that everyone walks by their own food every day.
  • Please stop putting wasteful prickly plants around buildings!

I like their motto: "If you eat, you're in!"  With droughts and increased global temperatures, the "extreme local food" movement seems a necessity.

Have a good one, and plant some food!

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