September 14, 2012

Mass UFO Sightings Reported from the Mainstream Media

This is a compilation of mainstream media coverage of different UFO sightings.  I think this should be the biggest news story every day, but we don't always get what we want.

It is a positive step forward that this is finally starting to show as the media responds to the people demanding some truth for once.  We all know that they are liars through and through.  That is at an end, not by their choosing, but by everyone pushing for disclosure.

The suppression of this information was never going to be a permanent thing.  How could it be with so many waking up to the fact that extraterrestrials are visiting our globe constantly?

I don't approach the UFO idea with fear (anymore).  That is what world leaders and other business interests would want.  When you let go of the fear and realize that if they were hostile, we would already be toast, the ET and UFO phenomenon becomes positive and wonderful.

I hope the media can keep this up and expand the truth telling into areas such as free energy and financial scandal arrests.  Their failures to the people are vast as they were always a corporate/state run entity.

Until (and after) they wise up after all these decades, I guess I will continue to share these stories the best way I am able.  We probably won't trust them again, though, for good reason.
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