September 6, 2012

UFO Sighting on KTLA Broadcast Aug 19 2012

This is a really cool UFO sighting from a KTLA news broadcast on August 19, 2012.

Some interesting notes about this video off the top of my head are:
  • This is a video feed that the news anchor sees all the time, so he knows what is supposed to be there and what it not.
  • These UFO lights are very common lately.  The pattern of three lights are being seen all over the globe.  Sometimes they come together as one light and disappear from sight.
  • The news anchor seems to know what he is looking at when he says, "I'm hoping those are just airplanes".  He doesn't sound very convinced!
It seems to be that not only are the global UFO sightings on the rise in a big way, but they are appearing where it is easy for a large amount of people to see them.

If some of them are not from this world, it would make sense that they would know where to be for the maximum exposure.  This is one of the exciting possibilities.

There are vast implications of the UFO sightings increasing on a world scale.  What are they trying to tell us?  What is this leading towards?  Open contacts?  Maybe more importantly, what are they trying to tell or force world leaders to do?  Open their UFO files maybe?

I get excited every time I think about the near future and UFOs.  We may be in for a hell of a ride as more contact from the Space Family occurs.  Peace and optimism seem to be the logical way to approach this issue.
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