June 28, 2013

Interview Before Julian Assange Adresses the UN

This is a good interview of a blogger who has been following the Julian Assange and WikiLeaks story from RT.

It is so interesting to see the difference between the truth and mass media.  This is why public polls show that there is nearly no trust in the corporate media.

Take your time to dig in to the truth behind stories and you will get a very different image of world affairs.

Researching a Topic Through Feeds on Scoop.it

The Scoop.it interface is getting really good.  It seems like it is being overlooked as a tool for uncovering a wealth of information about a topic you are interested in.

In the dashboard of your topic, click on the "Suggestions" button on the right.  It will bring up the feeds about your topic's keyword phrases.

I would encourage you to edit this dashboard constantly.  If you keep at Scoop.it every day for a little while, you will see that you know which feeds to discard and which ones are valuable.

Hit the "Manage Sources" button within the "Suggestions" window.  This is the main section where you can really dig in to your topic and uncover the real news in depth.

On the "Advanced Options" button.  there is another host of sources that you can mine for links and stories.  My favorite is the Twitter Search bar.  Type in any phrase and you will get some of the most up to date info about that search phrase directly from Twitter.

The most important part about making Scoop.it very effective is to keep at it.  This can replace RSS readers as it can mine the breaking news straight from the social web.

Create and Edit Your Own Free Web Magazine - Scoop.it

I have been obsessed with Scoop.it (here) lately.  It allows you to publish up to five free online magazines.

It also plugs in to a lot of social media sites so you can automatically share your interesting found links across your network.  It is a great way to join the community online around your topic.

Sccop.it likes to also focus on curation of content.  This just means that we use our web magazines to sift through the best stuff online for that topic.

This is a built in free feature of Scoop.it.  You have a panel which allows you to use key phrases to search different sources.

These include: Twitter, Youtube, Google blogs, Google news, other Scoop.it mags, and most importantly, any RSS feed that you can find.

If you simply use a Google alerts feed, this means you can have the latest updated Google information having to do with the keywords that are important to your magazine.

If you keep at it, like I have for the past month, you will start to use it to refine the topics you are interested in.  It is also a lot of fun to interact with the other Scoop.it topics.

Do a search at the top of Scoop.it and browse around.  Give a lot of thanks, follow, and recommend Scoop links to people.  They appreciate it and this grows your own following.

I think there is a lot of value in the site interaction on a constant basis, too.  I am running a few ideas for a new site to train people how to be independent journalists.

Scoop.it combined with blogging is looking promising as something to share.  Oh well, enough rambling.

Check out Scoop.it here.  Follow my free Scoop.it magazines here.

June 27, 2013

Fascinating New Advances Make Mind Interface Tech Real

Some of the new sciences and technologies I have been following are incredible.  Stuff that I thought would come out in maybe 20 years is coming out of left field.

This stuff impressed me so much that I made it into an entire Web Magazine here:

Mind Interface Technology Magazine.

Here is a quick list of new technologies which interface with thoughts.  

I found these from a quick search, so check out the magazine as I dig into the topic and share what I find.

I can't wait to see what else comes out.  When this thought technology begins to combine with things like nanotechnology, it seems that the sky is the limit.

June 15, 2013

Future Sciences Today

I love looking in to the chaos of the new Sciences.  There are incredible discoveries being unveiled every day.  It is happening more quickly too.

These are some of my favorite new Sciences, Scientists, Paradigms and Technologies.  They seem to be getting holistic as mind, science, spirit, technology, and imagination come together with unity, peace, and planet Earth as the central theme.

(If I don't have links under some of these, you can use each phrase in a search engine as a great starting point into articles.)

Holofractal Universe

Consciousness as Basis of Universe

Psychedelic Research

Energy Fields of Humans

Consciousness Technology

Scalar Waves

  • Konstantin Meyl: dubbed the "new Einsteing", studies Scalar Waves and potential vortex energy.

New Astronomy

  • Estimation of 4 Billion possible Earth like planets in galaxy alone!


  • Amino acids in space
  • Fungal spores can survive space
  • Life in meterites

Contemplating What True Freedom Really Is

As I wake up more into the present, I like to allow these new feelings of true freedom that I feel without reserve.

My life hasn't changed too much lately, so that is not the new freedom that I am talking about.  Rather, it is my releasing of beliefs and thoughts that were imprinted as a "poor little me" as Alan Watts said.

Another way to say it would be that they are ideas and beliefs that I allowed to be imprinted on me, not being taught Oneness.  It really is a case of taking responsibility for my thoughts and self inflicted suffering.

It really doesn't matter as these things lose their importance in my mind.  I am also getting natural at releasing the grip of thoughts  Coming to the present moment becomes easier and easier.  It takes practice, and then this leads to doing it naturally, not as a practice.

Not thinking about it  Lately, I like to use my imagination to help me with this.  I was going to share a kind of perfect vision of self here, but I realized that it is only true for me.

Everybody is completely different with their combination of experiences, desires, hopes, social surrounding, country, and on and on.

 I will leave your own version of absolute freedom to your imagination and preferences.  They are guaranteed to be different from mine!

Have a good one and dream out to the stars for a start.

June 13, 2013

Choose Happiness and Rise Above Anger and Resentment

This is a great video from Craig Holliday about choosing to be happy and forgiving.  This takes constant effort, but I have found it is well worth it!  Enjoy...

I stumbled on to these non duality teachings a couple of months ago.  They are very powerful lessons in waking up our consciousness.

Craig Holliday is a great teacher in this field so show him some support and share his videos around the web.  You may be surprised by which of your friends reacts well to this message.

Choose to be happy everybody!