June 15, 2013

Contemplating What True Freedom Really Is

As I wake up more into the present, I like to allow these new feelings of true freedom that I feel without reserve.

My life hasn't changed too much lately, so that is not the new freedom that I am talking about.  Rather, it is my releasing of beliefs and thoughts that were imprinted as a "poor little me" as Alan Watts said.

Another way to say it would be that they are ideas and beliefs that I allowed to be imprinted on me, not being taught Oneness.  It really is a case of taking responsibility for my thoughts and self inflicted suffering.

It really doesn't matter as these things lose their importance in my mind.  I am also getting natural at releasing the grip of thoughts  Coming to the present moment becomes easier and easier.  It takes practice, and then this leads to doing it naturally, not as a practice.

Not thinking about it  Lately, I like to use my imagination to help me with this.  I was going to share a kind of perfect vision of self here, but I realized that it is only true for me.

Everybody is completely different with their combination of experiences, desires, hopes, social surrounding, country, and on and on.

 I will leave your own version of absolute freedom to your imagination and preferences.  They are guaranteed to be different from mine!

Have a good one and dream out to the stars for a start.
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