June 15, 2013

Future Sciences Today

I love looking in to the chaos of the new Sciences.  There are incredible discoveries being unveiled every day.  It is happening more quickly too.

These are some of my favorite new Sciences, Scientists, Paradigms and Technologies.  They seem to be getting holistic as mind, science, spirit, technology, and imagination come together with unity, peace, and planet Earth as the central theme.

(If I don't have links under some of these, you can use each phrase in a search engine as a great starting point into articles.)

Holofractal Universe

Consciousness as Basis of Universe

Psychedelic Research

Energy Fields of Humans

Consciousness Technology

Scalar Waves

  • Konstantin Meyl: dubbed the "new Einsteing", studies Scalar Waves and potential vortex energy.

New Astronomy

  • Estimation of 4 Billion possible Earth like planets in galaxy alone!


  • Amino acids in space
  • Fungal spores can survive space
  • Life in meterites

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